Intro to Yoga

This class will introduce the very basics of the yoga practice, where movements are broken down individually. Students will learn the basic alignment of postures and the difficulty is geared to individuals that are new to yoga practice. Students will be instructed to move mindfully to increase the awareness of the body in each posture.

Intro to Flow

This yoga class will introduce the fundamentals of a vinyasa style yoga practice, where sequences of movements are linked with the flow of breath. Students will learn the basic alignment of postures and the difficulty is geared to those relatively new to yoga practice. Students will be instructed to move mindfully to increase the awareness of the body in each posture

Intermediate Yoga Flow

This class takes the same postures introduced at the Beginner level but increases the difficultly. Students will be instructed to move through sequences at a faster pace, with less alignment ques and more challenging variations of the asana postures will be offered. For example, arm balances, inversions and backbends will be introduced.

Advanced Yoga Flow

This class is for students looking to take their practice to the next level or for more advanced yogis. The lesson will be more athletic and move through asana at a fast pace, with very little instruction. While moving in and out of arm balances and inversions, the student can expect this session to increase stamina and strength.

Slow Flow Yoga

This one hour class serves as a practice to nourish the body and mind. Focus is on cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out with a gentle flow practice. Expect a good stretch, too!

Gentle Yoga

Full relaxation is the aim of this yoga class. It's a great practice for people recovering from an injury or looking to de-stress. You will be guided into longer held poses that will allow the mind to tune out and the body restore through stretching and deeper breathing.

Sunrise Yoga

Rise and shine with us first thing in the morning. You can expect that this vinyasa class will include a energizing flow that prepares you and sets the pace for the day ahead. This class may include light back bends and twists which will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Yin Yang Yoga

This practice contains two elements to the class; the beginning half of the class is the Yang portion, which is a fast paced, energetic flow 1. The Yin part of the class slows the pace down and moves the body into longer held postures. Yin aims to lengthen connective tissue as you stretch and is a complement to strength based Yang classes.

Prenatal Yoga

This class is designed to safely build strength and flexibility to help carry a growing belly and baby, in a calm and peaceful environment. Movements will focus on alleviating common aches and pains that many women face; along with simple sequences that help to improve circulation, aid in digestion and to decrease overall discomforts. Throughout the class, emphasis will also be placed on effective breathing and relaxation techniques that can assist you both throughout pregnancy and labour. Most importantly, you will be guided to turn your attention inwards, finding that deep, magical connection to yourself and your loved one.

Yin Yoga

This quiet, still form of yoga stretches the ligaments and connective tissues of the body that may be overlooked during a flow style class. In addition to giving the body a deep stretch, Yin Yoga prepares the mind for meditation. Extended time in each pose allows the student to witness their thoughts more closely. Effort in Yin Yoga is balanced between calming the tension in the body and quieting a busy overactive mind.

Energize and Stretch

(Beginner/All Levels) This class will contain movements and poses that help to energize and open the body. This is a well balanced class that will cultivate and clear energy for your day. You can expect to do chest opening postures, light backbends and invigorating twists as well as some lighter stretching to release body tension.

Rest and Restore

Experience deep rest with classic restorative yoga poses, guided meditation & pranayama. This class requires minimal movement and lots of stillness. We'll guide you with props, gentle instructions & personalized support to help you unwind and relax deeply in this restorative class. Please dress warmly, wear socks and bring a blanket.

Chair Yoga

This class is designed for older adults who want to improve their flexibility and build strength, balance, mobility and range of motion in their joints and spine. It is a standing and chair based class geared to varied abilities with a focus on mindful movement and proper alignment.

Fit Flow Yoga

Fit flow will make you sweat and challenge the way you look at modern vinyasa yoga. This class will move through vinyasa flows with focus on the muscle groups that help strengthen your practice in a more obvious way. Feel the entire core engage, pulse through squats and lunges, and elevate the heart rate through higher intensity sequences. Don’t let the word FIT scare you, trust that your Fit flow is here to help strengthen your body and your mind and their connection in an unconventional way. Flow and sweat to fun playlists and leave feeling like you’ve left everything on the mat.

Core & Flow Yoga

This class will activate deep and superficial muscles of the abdomen through a focus on core exercises. It will also have elements of a traditional flow practice but will articulate more strength, stability and pelvic support in all flow postures.

Slow Core Yoga

This class will ask you to slow down and invite you to connect to the core of your body and the core of your yoga practice. Learn how the muscle groups of core work with the other muscle groups of your body, moving slowly so we don’t skip into compensation mode. The core of the practice, breath and yogic philosophy, will be woven through class. This class is in the Wellness Room and has limited spaces. Please sign up in advance.

Fun Flow Yoga

This class will sequence together your basic yoga poses in a fluid and invigorating way! Adventurous yogis are invited to try the more challenging variations to postures as they are offered. Each student is encouraged to have a fun and playful practice, try new things, dance to the playlist and celebrate a fun and energizing flow practice that is safe for any beginner.

Intro to Meditation

Meditation is proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance self awareness & promotes emotional health. Join Shelley for weekly guided meditations. Learn how to sit and comfortably, breath deeply, release the body & still the mind. Each week we'll explore new methods of meditation, some with full guidance and some in silence.

Open Flow Yoga

This class will feature some of talented new instructors and offer you a variety of classes and styles. This will give you the opportunity to try anything from a fluid flow class, a gentle stretch with mediation or a powerful strong flow. This class is great for students open to new experiences and is a donation based class.

Functional Flow Yoga

This class is a blend of mobility, strength, stability, mindfulness, and movement education all rolled into one practice. Students will move through a mindful progression that connects you to all aspects of Body/Mind. We will often break down movements into smaller components; participants will explore how isolating movements can benefit the body as a whole. You will leave this class feeling more connected and grounded inside and out.

Move + Meditate

This yoga-based mindfulness class combines 45 minutes of movement with 15 minutes of meditation practice. Each week we’ll explore how to move our bodies intelligently, breathe with intention & focus the mind. You can expect to be physically & mentally challenged in a fun and accessible way. This class is suitable for all levels.