Frequently Asked Questions

What should I budget for meals – lunches and dinners? Breakfast is included daily for all guests. However please note that lunches and dinners are not included and we suggest that you budget about $10 +/- per meal. Our farewell dinner as part of our closing ceremony is also included.

What is the currency used? INR – Indian Rupees

What vaccinations do I need? There are no required vaccinations to travel to India, however most travellers get Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Please speak to your doctor so that you can make an informed decision. You can also see a full list of recommended vaccinations here:

What are the accommodations like? All accommodations are comfortable, clean western style hotels. We have a variety of places booked for this adventure including rooms with views of the Taj Mahal, havelis that look over the lake and much more! Please contact us via email at for details on where you will be staying specific to the retreat itinerary.

Are gratuities included in my trip price? No, gratuities are not included in the total trip price. This is a very important part of your trip experience. Tips are an essential part of the economy in India and are greatly appreciated. We suggest budgeting $10/day CAD total for housekeeping, restaurant staff, guides, bus drivers, etc.

Are all levels of yoga experience welcome, from beginner to more advanced? Yes, everyone is welcome. All yoga classes are all levels and accessible to everyone. We encourage creative safe movement on your mat. All daily classes are optional, but offer a really lovely reset throughout your trip too. The daily yoga classes are a nice break in your day to help you slow down and absorb the whole cultural experience.  

What is the weather like? After a relatively cool winter, things start to get warmer in India. At this time of year, the average temperature is around 29°C and you might experience highs of 34°C during the day and feel average lows of 22°C at night.

What airport do I fly into? We fly in and out of Delhi International Airport (DEL)

Do I need travel Insurance? Yes, we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance and email a copy directly to

Is English spoken in India? Yes! Most people speak English in India. It will be very easy to communicate while you are there, don’t worry!

What cities in India will we visit? New Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Udaipur and Amritsar

Do I need a visa for travel to India? Yes! The India visa process can often be a confusing and lengthy process, so we suggest clicking here to complete your application. Step by step instructions will be listed in the travel planner which we will provide you when registration closes. This is something to compete 45-30 days before our departure date.

What if I am travelling alone? Then this trip is for you! India can be very intimidating for the solo traveller. This small intimate group retreat offers single accommodations rates, or doubles rates (where you will be paired with another solo guest).

Can I bring my partner? Yes, we encourage you to invite your partner to experience India with you!

How will we travel from city to city? You will travel from city to city mostly via domestic flights, or via the iconic Indian railway. Travelling within the cities will vary from group buses, Ubers, tuks tuks, boats and rickshaws.

How will I book my domestic airfare for travel within India? Domestic airfare is included in the price! We will take care of your booking to ensure we all travel together. There are scheduled flights as part of our group itinerary. A colour copy of your passport is required for all bookings. We plan to start in New Delhi, India. Please advise us if you are hoping to continue travelling once the retreat is done. Our last domestic flight will return you to New Delhi on the last day.

How will I book my railway tickets for travel within India? Your railway fare is included in the price. Once again, we will take care of your booking. A colour copy of your passport is required for all Indian Railway bookings.

Do I need to bring a mat and props? Yes, bring your mat plus any props to support your practice.

How many people are expected on this retreat? We want to keep this a transformative and intimate experience. We are looking for approximately 10+ travellers in addition to the hosts and professional photographer. Please note this is a co-ed retreat.

What do I need to pack? A packing list will be included in your travel planner, you will receive with registration.


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