A Message From Helena

photo-1Moments of Bliss & Being in the Present Moment It such a beautiful time of year, there is still a warm kiss from the sun in the sky, the tree tops are vibrantly changing color and there is a crisp cool breeze in the air. The other day this weather was calling me, every ounce and intuition in me had to go to one of my favorite places around, Christie Lake. Lately, life seems to be moving quickly and weeks have been passing by in what seems like a moment. We can all relate to the constant rush which we have come to consider as normal, but is usually a huge factor contributing to stress and feeling disconnected.

As soon as I pulled into the conservation area, a place I have many fond memories in, a place I would consider peaceful and joyful, all tensions and stress left my body. I was at home and feeling perfectly content, happy and oblivious to anything else. I was perfectly in that moment. Everything slowed down, I was able to embrace the sun shinning on the water, my feet in the sand perhaps for the last time of the season and the ridiculousness of feeding a hundred seagulls crackers. I left feeling beyond restored, I was in bliss. I did not want to leave, but knew it was time to go, but that I could also take those memories and moments with me. I was happy I took the time to experience them.

I often experience the same sensations throughout my yoga practice; clear, unaffected, conscious, present, beyond content and fulfilled. Sometimes I could stay in savasana forever! I am always happy I took the time to practice. Perhaps these moments are the key to living a more enriched life. An existence of gratitude and joy, rather then letting everything pass by without noticing. This is my invitation to you; while everything else called 'life' is happening around you, find what brings you moments of bliss and peace. Whether it is on your yoga mat, soaking up the last few weeks of autumn, laughing with friends or singing your favorite songs out loud in the car...DO IT! Why not...when that intuition calls you, GO!

It also brings me much gratitude that I am able to offer a space, a sanctuary, a retreat and playground for so many of you. Hey, myself included, I love our pre/post yoga class chats in the lounge! The studio is always available and accessible to each of you, so if you can't make it to the beach, lets make some energetic waves in the practice room. I look forward to seeing you soon!

With Love and Gratitude Always. Lets enjoy this beautiful season together!

Love Helena!