A Message From Helena

Tis the Season

Santa-YogaThe Christmas season is upon us, carols are on the radio, decorative, vibrant lights are going up and my secret santa has been drawn. These are some of the smaller things I enjoy about the season, but I am sure we have all at some point taken the holidays for granted and found them stressful, busy and financially draining. One year I decided to change how I spent my time, attention and consumer patterns. Leading up to the big day, instead of finding myself stuck in traffic and line ups I decided to give more home made gifts. I may not be the craftiest person, but it was way more fun getting my hands right into the making! I also starting purchasing smaller presents that supported a local business or found gifts that had a lot of genuine thought put into them. I noticed my family and friends really appreciated these gestures and I felt more excited even to give them. Each present was from my heart, contained a conscious effort and mindful reflection.

Someone recently asked me the loving and thoughtful question,  what would you like for Christmas? It got me to thinking for awhile, what do I want and not just want, what do I actually want!!!??? All I could think of was the gift of time. If I really reflect on my life, it is rather remarkable and I am grateful for so much. Why would I want anything when memories, laughter and love are irreplaceable. All I want is the gift of time, to enjoy more moments with those that I love and care about. I invite you all over the next few weeks to take some time, perhaps in practice or when you wake up to acknowledge the moments you are grateful for and the people that enrich your life. Celebrate them this Christmas season. We don’t need more, everything we want and need, we have and are. Everyday love, kindness and compassion are right in front of us. Sometimes a holiday can remind us of this, but it can also become a daily practice of gratitude and appreciation.

While we can all get caught up in the hustle and bustle; the food, the parties and the total disregard for our daily patterns and routines, remember to take time for yourself. Consciously create this time to avoid feeling run down, listen to the body, sleep and detox in yoga as much as you need to. I always say yoga is the best gift you can give yourself and it is a way of giving back to the body and maintaining balance. Don’t let the holidays take a toll on you; let them fill you will more memories, light and love. Each of you enrich my life and I am blessed to share the In Fine Feather Yoga community with you. I look forward to sharing another holiday season together, the tree is going up this week!

With Love Always, Helena