A Message from Helena.

12219482_10153691529782768_4795751509476178996_nBack to my Mat. It continues to amaze me how the practice of yoga is always creating subtle shifts in my body and more so, awareness in my mind. I have hundreds, to thousands of hours on my mat as a student and as a teacher and I am still in love with the magic of yoga. I instruct daily and watch bodies move; this is in fact most of my day and most of my week. This attention to teaching has allowed me to notice that I face all the same challenges my students do; my body feels fatigued, I find certain postures so difficult and sometimes making it to your mat is the hardest part. But, I am also recognizing, personally, how essential it is to make that time and I am excited to get back to my mat as a student, I've got to. I can feel that it's time for growth, commitment and change. I've been trying to make some shifts lately to practice more, listen to my body more and change where I am investing my energy. So I have joined our 30 day challenge! I really have no idea how many classes I will be able to complete, but I am prepared to make my best effort. I did my first 30 Day Yoga Challenge at De La Sol and I can remember it being the most energized and inspired I have ever felt in my life. The practice is powerful and I love how it always shows you what you need if you just listen. My body and my mind have been telling me I need this for awhile, so here I go! It feels insanely remarkable that I have found and dedicated my life to something that continues to challenge me, but also fills me with so much passion, patience, forgiveness, understanding and persistence. I think this is what they call love and I am honoured everyday that each of you let me share this wild ride with you. To everyone else completing a 30 day challenge, good luck, lets do this!

With Love & Gratitude, Helena xo