A Message from Helena 'Ambition is in our Blood'

14671105_10154550462342768_7444417417277477076_nIn Fine Feather Yoga was recently asked to be apart of a video for Hamilton Economic Development. The video has just been released and almost brought tears to my eyes. I was honoured that I was asked to be involved in the video and to be recognized as a small business owner in Hamilton. This video is a reminder of why I decided to open a yoga studio. I love yoga beyond words, but I also love this city; 'Hammer Town', 'Steel Town'. I opened In Fine Feather Yoga studio 3 years ago. I am so thrilled to say that after 3 years everyday has been an adventure, a learning opportunity and a chance to create real change in peoples lives. I specifically wanted to open my yoga studio in this city because it is my home town and my heart is invested in the growth of this city. I grew up in the Gage Park area and I really felt passionate about investing in this community. I could feel a shift in the neighbourhood and an emerging and vibrant culture. My personal yoga practice has created so many positive shifts in my life and as an instructor I wanted to share this positivity with a neighbourhood I already love. This video mentions so many things that inspire me to teach and be apart of this city everyday. Please watch the video and share it with as many people you can, so all of us can participate in the growth, happiness, health and wholeness of Hamilton. Inspiration gives birth to more inspiration. Thank you for being in the In Fine Feather Yoga family, investing in my dreams and for contributing to a brighter and more vibrant city.

Watch the video HERE. Hope you enjoy!

Love and Gratitude Always, Helena