A Message From Helena. Milestone Moments.

14502942_10154508460412768_4517056674598434023_nI truly can't believe what an epic year this has been and will be for myself and In Fine Feather Yoga. I am blown away with how fast three years have gone. Since opening the studio I have experienced an insane amount of growth both personally and professionally. Opening the studio showed me my strengths, my determination and my passion, but has also challenged my weaknesses of commitment and spontaneity.

I feel as if this year, with turning 30 and all, I am able to see the incredible balance and stability the studio has given me. I wake up everyday to do what I love more then anything, but also what makes me tired and worried at night. Owning a business sometimes sounds like and feels like having an infant.The love is unconditional, but the worry and the hope that they grow big and strong never goes away. Even as a family unit, I am so proud of what we have all created here, I am blessed that all of our energy continues to nourish the studios growth.

This is the first year of our Yoga Teacher Training program and I am honoured to be hosting this type of continued education for students. Teacher Training was a very powerful life changing exeperience. My entire being completed shifted after the course. It encouraged me to pursue my dreams and live my life from my most authentic space. The studio is also launching a full new fall schedule to bring in more styles and teachers! We have a growing family! This is all so big and important to me!

I hope that over the next year I can continue to create an environment for the best training, that facilitates self discovery and healing. I feel great about being 30 this year; moving into a new decade with the knowledge I have acquired and eager to learn and share more.  Life can be tricky, confusing and challenging sometimes, but remember that with every moment there is an opportunity for learning and understanding. Keep following your dreams and sharing your passion. The journey, with the all struggles is worth every second at the end of the day. I couldn't be more grateful to everyone who has guided me here and continues to inspire me.

Love and Gratitude, Helena