A Message From Helena. Moment by Moment.

past-quoteHello Fellow Yogis, It has been a while since I have connected with a written reflection and I can honestly say I have been on my own path to discover and journey to learn this summer. It is nice looking back now at the experiences I have had, how I have let them integrate and what the greater shifts have been for me over the last few months. After some weekends away with family, yoga training and a super fun music festival, I felt more connected to my practice, to the people I love and to environments that support happiness and create joy. I didn't want this contentment to end and then I realized it doesn't ever have to. Don't let these moments pass, recreate them and enjoy every moment. DO more of what makes you feel alive and whole.

If you have been in my classes lately, I have been talking a lot about mindfulness and being present in the moment. Mindfulness means maintaining a moment to moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment. To life from this space you are able to experience the joy and good in everything. You can then also begin to experience each moment as an observer without judgement but rather from a place of acceptance and understanding. This is a really peaceful place to live from. This has been apart of my daily practice. Observing it through the asana postures but in my mind as well.

Especially over the last few weeks over summer, feel the sun on your skin, the cool wind, sounds of the birds, smell of the flowers; do what makes you happy. Be with people who make you smile, read books that engage your mind, move in a way that channels your energy, listen to music that makes your soul dance. The best way for growth is to do your best to enrich the moment you are in now. It is the only one that prepares us for the rest.

I am really encouraged and excited for the emerging mindful yogi  community in Hamilton. I can't wait to see what moments we create this weekend at Yoga Fest and A Midsummers Dream. Good vibes only create more good vibes. I hope to engage with all of you soon and it is always with gratitude that I share with each of you.

Namaste and Love, Helena