A Message from Helena, My Mom Always Drove me to Dance Class

Dedicated to every woman, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or friend who has guided and provided. Especially to my mother Lori. IMG_1297Mother's Day is just a few days away and its got me reflecting on how much my mom has impacted my life. My mom has truly and honestly been a life line, saving grace and an example of pure unconditional love. I am almost overwhelmed by what a strong woman she is, but I can see how this strength has translated into both my sister and myself. Growing up wasn't the easiest for us as a family, but somehow my mom always made delicious home cooked meals appear on the table and in our lunches. My mom taught me at a young age the importance of good, healthy and nourishing food, that also came from the heart.

We all worked hard and together as a family, my sister and I were able to stay in competitive dancing for 12 years. Those 12 years must have been crazy for my mom, getting us off to school, lunches packed, arranging pick ups and drop offs right to dance classes for the evening. Getting us back home late at night and still completing homework. My mom did this day in and day out for us!

The girls on my dance team were my best friends and my instructors taught me what it meant to be apart of a loving and nurturing environment. Our studio was a place to learn, to play and grow. Being apart of my dance community made us incredibly happy as kids and my mom saw this. Are you starting to see some parallels?

My dedication and passion for dance landed me my first job as an instructor. By the age of twelve I was teaching other kids about movement and technique. Perhaps I was always meant to teach yoga, but had it not been for my mom, maybe my life wouldn't have moved in this direction. My mom gave me the opportunity to have a passion and now I put my heart and soul into In Fine Feather.

IMG_1298As an adult, I have a new appreciation for moms and I have been really inspired by my sister who is a new mom. I feel like I have a better understanding for what moms have to do everyday for their little ones, then their teenagers and then adult children. It is this amazing journey where you are apart of shaping someone's life and being a huge part of their existence.

Mom, I would not be where I am today without you and Kelly. You have both taught me the most valuable life lessons and we continually keep learning from each other. My niece Heidi is one years old, I have no idea what she will be, but if I can help her explore her passion, her talents and her aspirations I will. My mom taught me this.

Thanks mom for countless late night phone calls, the best home made soups I've ever had, MOM HUGS, movies nights, answering basic cooking questions, giving me advice, but also space to figure my stuff out, and when I fall, always picking me up. I love you and thanks for helping me become the woman I am today. I am so grateful for how you raised me and where its got me. Even though we might not have been practicing 'yoga'; we were always practicing yoga.

Thank you would never be enough. I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart.

Love and Gratitude to powerful woman who guide and provide, Helena