A Message from Helena. The Time is Now.

15781808_10154820533752768_6491282728915111523_nI feel like its been some time since I have been able to sit and write my thoughts. Which I think is a sign that this past year has flown by and so much has happened. Looking back so much has been achieved and accomplished, but while moving at this fast pace, so much else has been brushed off to the side, forgotten about or neglected. This isn't a good or bad thing at all, certain aspects of my life just seemed to take priority and required the most of my attention to be nurtured this year. I observe the last year; my niece is almost two… already!!!!! She is the light of my life and hanging with her and my sis is the best thing ever. I am completing my first Yoga Teacher Training at the studio; which is a huge accomplishement for myself, the students and the staff. We launched a new schedule in the fall and have brought on some amazing instructors. We've had so many fun seasons from yoga in the park to yogis in the city. In Fine Feather is growing all the time with the support of this community, our dedicated staff and passionate students. I truly can not express how grateful I am to have all of you surrounding me and encouraging me all the time.

Time does goes by fast, the studio is almost 4 years old! It is really important to be healthy and whole to appreciate and be present for this time; to make space for proper rest, healthy eating, nourishing yourself and being surrounded by people who enrich your soul. Somehow I have been so focused on the needs of the studio these past few years, my commitments to appreciating this time have seemed to take a back seat. This is a hard thing for me to admit, but recognizing that something needs to shift is an important and realistic lesson as a small business owner. Seeing as it is a new year and all, this time for reflection has allowed me to acknowledge it is time to achieve greater balance in my life too.

I have big things planned for 2017 in terms of personal growth, recommitting to my practice and time on the mat. Scheduling time for myself to eat well and to read inspiring books that have been sitting on the shelf getting dusty for years. The time is now, when I grow and train, I return to the studio feeling rich with knowledge that I am bursting to share. My niece Heidi will only be two once and I want to be there for her, to share and make memories with my mom and sister.

After reflecting on the past year my only wish for next year is to continue to spend time with those that I love. In fact spend more time with them. It's so important that we take time to be with people who offer us true love, friendship and bring out the brightest and best within us. In 2017 I hope to continue to nurture healthy relationships with family and friends; doing healthy activities and creating soul warming memories. I am grateful that I took some time to acknowledge that THE TIME IS NOW for these shifts to take place.

I share all this with you as an invitation to ask yourself, what is on your back seat waiting to be picked up and discovered? New years should be for new opportunities and reconnecting to a space within us that is waiting to be awoken. What can you do to feel more whole and balanced in your life? What areas are you neglecting that need some nurturing? These are important questions to ask and I find journalling always helps me to sketch out my thoughts and establish healthy steps forward. I am looking forward to the shifts and changes that await us all this year.

Thanks again for your smiles and laughs and love for Gus and love for yoga. The studio continues to be my happy place every day.

Love and Gratitude, Helena