A Message from Helena, Yoga and Nature.

IMG_6475The last few days I have been reflecting on my summer, specifically an incredible season of outdoor yoga. I had the opportunity to teach in some really cool urban settings and parks; including Gage Park, Christie Lake for the Harvest Picnic, McMaster Campus, James Street pop up park, on Ottawa Street during the Pan Am games, Tews Fall and at YogaFest. Each experience brings to light the beautiful connection between yoga and nature. It becomes difficult to describe the sensation you feel after an outdoor yoga class and it is different then a studio practice when you can feel the sun on your skin, the wind blowing, grass under your feet, birds chirping, looking up into the clouds and tree tops. LIFE happening all around. The focus of the practice, the consciousness to breathe, the mindfulness of movement; it creates this powerful connection to self and the natural forces of nature. I was always left with a sense of bliss, reassured by the stability of the ground beneath me and freedom from the vastness of the sky and in harmony with both sensations.

While the environment might not be as controlled as it is in a studio, the outdoor practice presents other interesting benefits; practicing on uneven ground, increasing balance. A wicked playlist of natures music, a symphony of wind, trees, water and birds. Inversions take on a whole other dimension and perspective of the world we are so used to looking at one way. When you begin to move with nature, you are able to recognize your place within the universe and that you are very much apart of it. I feel so grateful for these moments; balanced, centered, clear and connected.

When I hear that yoga in the park has been one of the best parts of some of your summers, I could burst with happiness! The park has truly been a gift for all of us and its an honor to host these classes. The In Fine Feather community has become my family and family is all about giving love. I LOVE sharing my passion for yoga and nature. And if even one person has felt inspired by our classes outside, I feel so grateful. As our second year anniversary approaches, I can't wait to share more yoga love with you all. Great things are still to come and yoga in the park next year is a promise!

Full of light and love, Helena