A Message from Shelley. Community & Connection.

Hello In Fine Featherers! Shelley2Shelley here, wanting to check in to see how the start to your summer is. Do you have any plans? Any goals for this summer?My goal is to practice more yoga. I know sometimes during the summer, you want to play outside, or have drinks on a patio or enjoy a backyard campfire with friends (my fav summer activity!) but don't forget to yoga. With the sun rising earlier, I prefer to practice in the morning or early afternoon. That way I can spend in the rest of the day hiking, relaxing with friends or sharing ice cream with my son.

Take advantage of our 10am classes on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at the studio. These are all gentle-type classes and a great way to get your body moving freely for your day and your mind clear and focused on positive energy. There are also great classes every day at noon, for those of you who like to sleep in or have a more challenging class. If you work during the day, perhaps you can add a few Sun Salutations to your morning routine. That way you’ll get your spine moving freely and your joints lubricated to help you glide through your day until you can make it into the studio for a full class.

11709450_916539215058993_6080626576316668464_n-2And of course, don't forget Yoga In The Park every Sunday at 10am by the Rose Garden in Gage Park. We will be rotating teachers, so it'll always be interesting and fun. If you missed last Sunday - it was amazing. There were so many new and familiar faces. These outdoor yoga classes are a great way to connect with your community. And Community is really what life is all about.

Speaking of community… A couple weeks ago in class, I was asking you to evoke the feeling of a universal community. The idea of breathing in air, energy and prana that every living being has already inhaled and exhaled is so powerful.

When you inhale, you are opening yourself up to receive the outer world into your world. The process of breathing in connects you with the whole universe as you take in atoms that have been exhaled countless times by countless others. It connects you with every human being and every living being that has ever lived. Imagine the power of one breath as you receive atoms that have been part of Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa and King Tut. Want to do the math? Look here.

What an amazing concept to realize that there is something that connects us all. Let all this into your being. Let the universe with all its vast variety fill your lungs and your whole body. As you breathe in, notice that you have opened your body to the universe. Make an effort to also open your mental and spiritual doors with each breath and realize that you are one with everything.

Bring this thought into the practice room at In Fine Feather. Feel a connection with your fellow yogis in the practice room. Know that you are sharing breath, atoms, prana. This week in your practice, make an effort to exhale joy, love & good intentions into our space. Share your positive energy and thoughts with your fellow students and be open to receiving their energy in return. This feeling of support and energy from such an amazing group of people is one of the reasons why I love practicing and teaching at In Fine Feather so much.

Want to take your connection to your community one step further? Perhaps you can volunteer this summer? There are a ton of events happening in Hamilton that always need helpful volunteers. I've included a couple links that list many places you can volunteer in Hamilton.

http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/ http://www.hamiltoncares.ca/ https://www.hamilton.ca/attractions/2015-pan-am-games/volunteering-hamilton-kicks-it-events http://harvestpicnic.ca/info/volunteers

Want to learn more about energy in action? You can read this great article I found here; http://toolsforspiritualliving.com/wordpress/http:/toolsforspiritualliving.com/wordpress/the-most-powerful-force-in-the-universe-flows-through-you

Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing your awesome energy. Thanks for being you. See you on your mats!

Shelley xo

PS - There is a 21 Day Meditation Challenge being hosted by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. You can register FREE online at this link. It starts July 13th, so click and sign up NOW! I’m doing it. https://chopracentermeditation.com/home