A Mid Month Message from Shelley Gordon

10923508_827950290584553_7481746919153044872_nHello You! The clocks just went forward an hour. You can think of it as loosing an hour… or you can think of it as gaining an hour of sunlight every day. And sunlight does a body good. Sunlight is one of the many things I love about the In Fine Feather practice room. The huge front windows let in so much natural light that you can’t help but feel good in this space. And with the warmer weather approaching, it’ll soon allow in natural heat too. If you don’t generally sit towards the front of the room, I encourage you to try it this week – especially during daytime classes. You’ll love the warmth and energy that you receive from the sun.

This Sunday, March 20th marks the first day of Spring or the Spring Equinox. It’s traditional in yoga to practice 108 Sun Salutations during an Equinox to acknowledge the changing world around us. If 108 Sun Salutations seems a little much for you, perhaps you could make it to your mat this Sunday and acknowledge the changes that yoga has presented in your body & mind. Or perhaps you can take a few minutes to sit in quiet meditation reflecting on this past winter and allowing yourself to open up to new opportunities that may arise this Spring? Either way, I encourage you to reflect somehow.

I’ve included a link below for a Spring Equinox Meditation. It is beautiful, restorative music set to archetypal images that are meant to immerse you into the spirit of Spring. Please visit the link on your computer in a silent room, make the video “full screen” then sit back comfortably, with a tall spine and enjoy the peaceful sounds and images.



Our 30 Day Challenge is still happening and I love the buzz in the studio. You’ve probably noticed how busy classes have been and I hope you’re loving all the extra energy. A reminder that our studio fits 5 rows of mats quite nicely and that it’s okay to be close to your neighbour. One of the benefits of being close to your fellow yogi is that you can remind each other to breathe with a sounded breath… or you can just roll your eyes to each other or laugh to each other when the teacher asks you to do something that might seem crazy.

If you’re feeling inspired by this 30 Day Challenge and you have an unlimited monthly membership, you might want to challenge yourself to complete 10 classes by the end of the month. Or even make it to the studio every day. I promise you won’t regret it. Honestly, has there every been a time where you left yoga and thought to yourself, “Geez, I wish I just stayed home.” I highly doubt it.

Peace, love & light, See you on your mats,

Shelley xo