April Message from Helena

Find Ease in the Yoga Transitions.

When I teach, I always find myself talking about the yoga transitions in between poses and keeping those just as smooth as the pose itself. Well, isn't this life; life is one constant transition after the other. Nothing is ever really still, or the same, things are always changing and in a way we are always moving or going somewhere. You don't just land in the pose, you had to get there. What we learn on our mats, can guide us each day. Through the transitions, find ease, grace, and gratitude for the process. The in between is just as valuable as the pose. Spring is a transition, and it can be a beautiful, colourful and vibrant, my invitation to you, is to pause and watch these moments in between before they pass. Embrace the good and acknowledge each encounter with compassion, love and gratitude. As we learn something different from each posture and sequence, we can learn from each moment in life. Stay present and continue to work towards wholeness.

All my love always, Helena