Keeping Inspired through the Winter Blahs!

online-yoga-yogavibes-yoga-online-winter-meditationIt seems to be that time of year, its cold and snowy and difficult to get ourselves going. Seeking inspiration can be challenging, and if you find yourself lacking motivation…you aren't the only one! Our intention is to keep up with our physical health, mental wellbeing and increase our energy levels during this time, but often we need some help.

Yoga is a very effective way to overcome the mental and psychical chill of the winter blues. My invitation to you is to incorporate more movement into your life. There are so many asanas (postures) that support and aid in fighting common viruses and help to build immunity. Avoid joint and body aches through moving and building heat in the body to release tension. Clear up chest congestion through breathe work and by opening the chest and respiratory system. Allow yourself to enjoy winter more, keep warm, healthy and happy. Make it to your mat and be supported by the room of yogis generating heat and energy around you.

We always intent for In Fine Feather to be a place to relax, find comfort and retreat to. Find your mini-vacation with us!