May Message from Helena McKinney

11209765_10153221008807768_661979436658794403_nExpressing Possibility

May, in its definition means expressing possibility and it couldn't be said any better. This month has all the potential opportunities you provide it with. The possibilities for love, health, happiness, joy and gratitude are endless if you are open to receive. Love is a powerful, active life force and can be a vehicle for transformation. Choose the energy you wish to hold and do things that nurture this energy. Go for a walk in nature, sit by the water, be with people that make you laugh and move your body! Energy needs to move!

I thought I would share youtube yoga videos from my YouTube channel. Finding inspiration can be difficult for all of us. I am inspired by music and movement and the graceful dance that can be born between the two. I hope you can see the passion and love I have for the practice. Through my daily yoga practice I am working towards embodying the energy of love, happiness, health, joy and gratitude. This is; love for self, happiness for others, gratitude for everything that is and joy for all the beauty in the world. May this month be one of possibility! May this month bring you more love then you thought possible.

With love and compassion, Helena