New Year Affirmations and Intentions. 10 Tips from Helena.

It is 2015, a time for setting affirmations and intentions, NOT resolutions. A resolution implies that there is something wrong that needs to be fixed, but an intention implies that you have a plan or intentional aim for where you want to go in the next year. Here are 10 small tips to guide you into 2015 new year affirmations. 1) It is NOT a resolution. A resolution implies a firm decision to not do something. Rather let us focus our energy on what we DO want and the positive transformations that can be brought into our lives.

2) Write it down, it sets it out on paper! Often when you write something down, it becomes more real in the mind. We write it and then remember it as part of our truth. It becomes apart of our history. You might be more inclined to believe in your affirmation and deliver.

3) Once you have set this intention, give yourself a reasonable amount of TIME to make  it happen. Realistically to see transformation in our lives, it happens gradually and can be sustained this way, rather then happening immediately and burning out fast. Depending on your intention, it is fair to give yourself 4 or even 6 months.

4) To begin to nurture your affirmation, put yourself in an ENVIRONMENT that supports and encourages you. It always helps to be inspired by the space and people that surround you. A stable and healthy environment is essential to growth.

5) Use this written affirmation in Mantra Meditation. Take a few moments as often as you need to, throughout your day, in seated meditation to repeat this affirmation to  yourself. Silently repeating a mantra is a powerful way to channel and embody your intention.

6) Infuse your Yoga Practice with this mantra. You have already set out the time to be on your mat, and often throughout class, your mind begins to wonder. Keep the body and mind clear and focused with the repetition of your mantra. Through movement you can cultivate this energy.

7) BE OPEN to your own growth. Believe in your own goodness and your own potential. Sometimes transformation can be challenging and requires dedication and inspiration. Growth will come as long as you stay open to the process.

8) Share your growth with the community. Giving back will bring greater purpose and meaning to your gifts. Allow other individuals to receive the benefits of your growth and then it becomes an energy that is beyond just yourself. This is amazing!

9) Don’t be so tough on yourself. Often growth comes with ups and downs. You might feel like you have hit a wall, lack inspiration and motivation. This is OK! Give yourself a break, the waves are bound to happen. Try to find some ease during the downs and ride the waves when they are high.

10) Check back in with your affirmation a couple times a month, every other month, every four, every six and then at the end of the year. Checking in is a gentle reminder to see if we are on track; or if this affirmation is still a reflection of our goals and purpose. Sometimes it can change and shift. Make alterations if you need to but either way reward yourself; self reflection is a beautiful way to find out more about you and how you interact with the world.

Ultimately, we are just looking to enhance the quality of our being and our relationships with ourselves, the people around us and the world we live in. A new year is an opportunity to reflect on the transformations you wish to see and to bring it to life. Believe and know that your life can be everything you always hoped for with the power of your own intention.

All my love always, Helena