India Retreat Experiences & Testimonials

Few places in the world are as rich in deep spirituality, ancient history, vibrant colours and delicious cuisine as India. Your hosts, Helena and Jackee, will guide you through an unforgettable journey to incredible India! Spend 11 nights and 10 days in the birthplace of yoga on November 15-26, 2019.

IFF’s Om in India retreat is the perfect way to see both Northern and Southern India in a fun, grounded, uplifting safe environment. This experience will give you a trip full of adventure, relaxation, culture, yoga, meditation, cuisine and everything in between. Explore your heart’s desires immersing yourself in the birthplace of yoga.

Below we are sharing recent testimonials from the last retreat Jackee co-hosted to India. These words of experience and encouragement will open your eyes to what is possible for you this November 2019.

Tracey shares...

“My trip to India with Jackee was a special life experience I will cherish always. The trip was well researched and planned, with helpful, patient pre-travel guidance and support. Once in India, the hotels were lovely, the itinerary was well structured yet with time to wander or reflect, experiences ranged from prestigious monuments and temples to a grass roots village and a local cooking/yoga class, Indian guides were warm, knowledgeable, and responsive, and Jackee and Karen led us confidently, navigating unforeseen issues with skill and grace.

India itself should be on your bucket list if it is not already (it was not on mine). India is an incredible place of rich culture and history, intense colour, sounds, smells, and energy. Its people are warm, beautiful, and inspiring, easy to talk to and curious about visitors to their homeland. The skill of artisans and craftspeople is impressive, as is their humility.  India is a world of complex cultural intricacies, and it is a society admirably struggling to evolve amid harsh life realities that can be heartbreaking to witness.

I loved everything about India. It is an emotional and spiritual journey like no other, and I highly recommend you veer off your normal path and let Jackee lead you on your own adventure of self-discovery in India.”

Pam shares...

"I've had the opportunity to travel to India with Jackee on three occasions. It is always an adventure and an incredibly enriching experience. India is rich in culture, colour, aroma, experiences, and at times, is not for the faint of heart.

Jackee and I have climbed to the top of mountains, camped in deserts, shared food in the homes of locals, and even shed a few tears on the Ganges River's edge. We have stopped to pet every stray dog we see, played with children, danced in parades, spent lazy afternoons on a riverboat, and woke up to cows outside the window of our beach hut.

As diverse and crazy as some of these experiences have been, I have shared so much joy & laughter experiencing them with Jackee. Her ability to hold space, while seeing life with childlike wonder, a compassionate heart and a sense of adventure, have made her not only one of my best friends but an incredible travel companion.”

Cecile shares…

“Being a junior yoga student who had never been to India before, I was just so grateful to be given a beautiful sunrise yoga and meditation practice every day. It really made me enjoy India's spirituality a way I would have never thought possible before. The trip plan Jackee came up with was full of cultural discoveries and human endeavors. We got to see and experiment so much including (but not limited to) Indian food, habits and customs, transportation system, city and country life styles, and most important we got to meet with extraordinary people from various local communities who I would never forget.  I would definitely do it again.”


Michele shares...

“Travelling to India was not on my bucket list because I thought it was too complicated and foreign for me to deal with. When the opportunity came up to go with Jackee as a leader/facilitator I jumped right in! My experiences with Jackee in India exceeded my expectations. The trip was planned from start to finish with infinite care: From the pre-travel get togethers, lists of items to bring (along with checklists!!) to the day trips, hotels, flights, trains, etc. The entire trip was well planned, adventurous, organized, and free time was always available. Jackee’s personal experiences travelling to India has given her the knowledge and a love for their people and country. Her innate ability to navigate India and all it has to offer - along with her fun loving adventurous personality makes her the perfect leader. Her spirit was infectious! I always felt very comfortable and safe in every aspect of this trip. I knew everything was under control and all I needed to do was lean in and enjoy! I am so grateful to have had this experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going. Thank you Jackee!”


For more information on IFF’s 2019 Om in India retreat, click here! This page offers you more information and contact details to speak directly to Helena and/or Jackee. You can learn more about your hosts here.