Sun Standing Still: Yoga At the Field!

18582505_1655813494446706_7388968975488198944_n As you walk through the stadium doors, you'll experience the silence of 2000 individuals laying in savasana, a silence that is filled with the feeling of endless possibility and opportunity that this practice will bring. The sea of yogis move as one as they flow into Warrior II pose. One hand behind them acknowledging the past, one hand in front as they gaze into the sun’s light that is standing still on this equinox night.

lululemon Burlington is celebrating International Day of Yoga with instructors Johanna De Castro, Helena McKinney, Trish Dingman, and DJ Carmelinda.

This event is complimentary, however donations will be accepted with proceeds going towards the Boys & Girls Club of Hamilton. To learn moreabout this organization please follow the link below.

Tim Hortons Field 64 Melrose Ave N. Hamilton, Ont. Gate details to come

Wednesday, June 21st from 7-8:15pm social to follow