IFF Has A New Home!

So we’ve been waiting to share some big news with you for awhile.


You’ve maybe seen Helena walking around the studio with a measuring tape and telling you about the BIG PLANS she has. THIS IS IT! In Fine Feather has a new home. As of September we will be relocating to 249 Ottawa Street North on the upper level!

Our new home offers us the space to grow our practice and build our community. We can’t wait to open the doors to you all and celebrate our 6th anniversary together. Helena feels honoured to share this evolution.

A message from Helena:

“This journey has been incredible for me. I never thought in my wildest dreams that this would be the life we get to cultivate as a family. A sneak peak into the new studio... natural light, exposed brick walls, two class rooms, more practice space and a location to foster our vitality. This move was some what unexpected but provides us with a comfortable, supportive space to grow. As the owner of In Fine Feather, I always want to ensure we have the best space to do this type of work and this is it. I will miss our studio at 219 beyond words can express. This is where my passion came to life, where my purpose become my service and where I found myself as a young female entrepreneur doing what I love. To have this opportunity to move forward and to continue on my path is an honour! I live for In Fine Feather, it’s my heart and soul. Thank you! Thank you for showing up and trusting in the guidance of our teachers. Transitions are always tough but they also give us the chance to become even more then we are. It’s always that much easier with the community support that I feel everyday. Join me on this new adventure and all my love and gratitude... always. Xo Helena”.

Next Steps

Join Helena for our LAST CLASS at the current location on Friday August 30th at 10:00am. The studio will be closed over the long weekend to prepare for the GRAND OPENING of the new space on Tuesday September 3rd! Stay tuned for all the surprises to come!

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