Committing to an Intentional Practice by Meagan Santa


My daily practice is something I look forward to. It allows me to feel grounded and clear. Some days it looks like rolling out my mat at home or in the studio. Other days it includes meditation and free-writing. The idea of experiencing as many benefits as possible from my practice led me to note ways I could be more intentional about my practice especially since it’s become such a staple in my life. I believe this feeling is relatable after many conversions with other friends who practice yoga or meditation and even students at In Fine Feather.

I invite you to take a moment and reflect on what you’ve learned from your dedicated time on your mat.

For myself, I’ve noticed how after a yoga flow I seem to have a more authentic stream of consciousness come through in my journal writing and how I can fall into a meditative state with more ease. When I look ahead to the coming month I’ve asked myself what I needed to receive from my practice to show up as my best self. Did I need more gentle flows or would an intermediate/advanced practice serve me better by challenging myself? Was their lifestyle habits I could invite in more regularly? Was I inspired by a mantra or quote that I felt called to unpack and meditate on longer? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

One of my favourite pieces to reflect on is how am I taking yoga off my mat?

Yoga is more than the asana aka the sun salutations and poses. This idea is inspired by the 8 limbs of yoga, specifically the yamas. How can we selflessly share the practice of yoga with others? You can learn more about this yoga philosophy HERE. Was I volunteering? Could I donate items I no longer was in need of? Was there an opportunity for me to create space for a friend? My practice became more fulfilling when I was able to share it without the expectation of a return. If you already do some of these acts of service, then you are taking yoga off your mat and practicing without realizing it!

Do we collectively celebrate our successes enough?


Do you give yourself a pat on the back for showing up and rolling out your mat even if it was a bad day? Have you recognized your personal growth and the lessons you’ve learned in the last season? Gosh, this is so important! Give yourself the well-deserved recognition. This practice isn’t easy. Every day your body is a little different. Your headspace fluctuates and we live through different experiences. When we practice in the studio and actively share space, we are coming together to breathe and move no matter how different we are from each other. Are you celebrating our differences as a community? One thing I love about our community is every student and teacher arrives with a different story. I see students of various backgrounds, beliefs, body shapes, physical abilities, etc chatting and smiling. That is special and it is certainly worth celebrating.

How can we guide you further?

Helena McKinney and I collectively designed a super helpful guided journal to use as a resource to answer all of these questions and go even deeper. I invite you to commit to a more intentional practice for yourself! Use the guided journal HERE and either print it out to write or use the digital version and write the answers in your personal journal. I hope this has got you thinking and reflecting on your own experiences on and off your mat.

More About Meagan

Meagan is a graduate of the In Fine Feather Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Program, the assistant manager at the studio, a lifestyle coach and yoga instructor. Learn more about Meagan HERE. Come meet Meagan on the mat at In Fine Feather Yoga by checking the class schedule HERE and find her bio HERE.

Committing to an Intentional Practice. A Guided Journal Experience.

Now is as good a time as any to commit to an intentional practice! We’ve created this guided journal experience for you to check-in and see where your practice has taken you so far, where it might go and what you'd like to receive from your practice going forward. We provide prompts that allow you to lovingly reflect on your practice while setting future intentions. We also give you space to explore what taking yoga off your mat has taught you and how you can do more of that followed by an opportunity to celebrate your milestones! Let's cultivate intention through this self guided meditation, reflection and journalling opportunity with In Fine Feather Yoga!