Top 10 Reasons to begin a Restorative Yoga practice this Holiday Season!

Restorative YogaChristmas! A time of year when individuals get a tad bit jollier, embellishments get a tad bit brighter, and our lives appear to get a tad bit busier. Now, I'm certain I'm not by any means the only one out there who feels some Love/Hate with this time of year. While I cherish all the additional time with friends and family, the giving, and the general soul of the season; I find that every year, eventually amid December, I start to feel overpowered, restless, and depleted. The act of Restorative Yoga can come as a gift; particularly at this point of year. Whether you are an eager yogi who has never considered a restorative practice, or in the event that you don't possess yoga pants, my 10 Reasons to start a Restorative Yoga this Holiday Season will have you pondering what took you all year to give it a try!

10. Get some ALONE TIME.

Yes, holiday season gatherings are a blast. However, they also mean additional eating, additional drinking, and considerably less sleep. A restorative practice can be a period to reconnect with yourself while getting a break from all the friend and family gatherings. (and punch!)


For a large portion of us, the occasions accompany spending. This spending can cause a great deal of stress. Our brains are occupied with considering: What if I purchase for so-and-so? How much should I spend? Can I bear the cost of this? We invest so much time arranging, planning, and critical thinking. A restorative yoga practice can be your time to set every one of those errands aside to calm the hustling personality for some time.

8. You can WARM-UP.

As opposed to adding more rum to your egg nog, why not have a go at getting warm on your mat with covers and bolsters. Restorative yoga is about solace and this can make for a comfy departure from the cold and snow.

7. Provide for yourself THE GIFT OF RELAXATION.

With all the providing for others (which is the most essential piece of the holidays), we frequently lose ourselves. It's alright to provide yourself a treat once and a while. What better approach to treat your body than to permit it time to be still and let go.


For a lot of us, excercise may fall a bit by the wayside amid this time of year. We rest in, put on a couple of additional pounds, and conceivably have a couple of additional cocktails. This can prompt sentiments of blame for not staying aware of our activity routine. Making time to do a helpful practice serves us to feel better about this. You may not be doing an hour of Asthanga yoga, or trying for that run, yet at any rate you made it to your mat and nurture your body.

5. It develops GRATITUDE.

Christmas is a period to be thankful for the numerous blessings we enjoy. Yet, at times we spend time whining rather than being grateful. Restorative yoga can make a space to develop gratitude. Each time you get to your mat, consider no less than 3 things you are appreciative for in that moment. Meditate on them throughout your practice.


The genuine soul of the season means various things for different people. Whatever it implies for you, do whatever it takes not to become mixed up in drama or family politics. Use this period to reconnect with your most profound sense of being or all the things you cherish about the holidays. Meditate on them throughout your practice.


Maybe you know somebody who may need to unwind much more than you do. Perhaps somebody in your life who may discover the holidays troublesome, or somebody who needs some consolation to follow through. Take this companion alongside you to a therapeutic yoga class (its ideal for beginners!) and provide them the endowment of help by being with them.

2. Help your DIGESTION.

In case you're similar to me, you can't help yourself with all the stunning goodies in the holidays. It's alright to enjoy a little this time of year, however that can doubtlessly have negative impacts on our bowels. Restorative yoga will help your body enact its parasympathetic sensory system which is the framework in charge of things like safe capacity, slumber, and yes, digestion. So in case you're stressed over "blockages" because of additional carbs and desserts, Restorative yoga could be your answer!

1. It serves to SET NEW INTENTIONS.

Before we know it, it will December 31st and everybody will be discussing "resolutions". In yoga we like to make intentions. Intentions give your practice more meaning. You can devote your restorative practice to somebody or something in your life that needs peace more than you. You can likewise set a plan to better respect your body or to set aside a few minutes to associate with your internal self. Whatever the proposition, start to set them now and you'll be more hopeful when January moves arrives.

Most importantly, make certain to listen to your heart this Christmas season and encompass yourself with sustaining affection. At In Fine Feather we offer a Restorative Yin class that consolidates this unwinding practice, with some delicate, long-held stretches. Finish your weekend right, and clear your brain for the week ahead this Sunday at 7pm. See you in the practice room!