Yin Yang Philosophy Workshop with Erin Aquin

Erin New Headshot2015Do you love Yin Yang Yoga but want to learn more about the philosophy behind this style? Date: Sunday May 28th 2017 Time: 2:00pm- 4:00pm Cost: $35.00

Join author and longtime yoga instructor Erin Aquin for a deep dive into the principles of Elemental Yin Yang Yoga. In this two hour workshop you will explore both the philosophies of this style and ways you can apply what you learn on the mat in your life.


The workshop includes:

- An introduction to the foundations of Yin, Yang and the 5 Elements - Ways you can use Elemental wisdom to support your goals and well-being - A look at how the Elements manifest in humans, our personalities, strengths and struggles - A meditation through the 5 Elements - Q & A

Bring your questions and insights to this intimate workshop. To register please email info@infinefeatheryoga.com or call 905-906-3936