Yoga Teacher Training | The Start of a New Journey by Lisa Kiss

Last year in July I got together with Helena to grab a coffee at Planted in Hamilton and interview her for my blog. I was featuring ‘Fempreneurs’ in Hamilton and obviously Helena came to mind because she’s been running a business successfully for the last five years!


Never would I have thought six months later I would be on route to becoming a yoga teacher. I danced my whole life for about 15 years and loved the community feel. After I turned 18 you have to stop and start adult level dance classes to continue dancing. I was craving a community to be a part of again and in 2016 I tried my first yoga class. Coming from a dance background I was able to do most of the classes and I loved it. It felt just like stretching! I took a little break from yoga because of school but, started doing some classes at a different yoga studio. It didn’t have the small community feel I was looking for.

Stepping into the IFF Community

Now circling back to that meeting with Helena, I mentioned wanting to start practicing yoga consistently again so, she suggested doing an Energy Exchange. The next week I was being trained and the week after I started on the desk. Helena moves fast with things, #bosswomen! But I’m glad because I was able to start my yoga journey that much sooner. I was on the desk Sunday evenings for six months and Sunday mornings and Monday mornings for three months. Working on the desk was great because I got to meet and talk to so many great IFF community members.

Yoga Teacher Training Progress

After practicing weekly for a few months, I decided to learn more about IFF’s Teacher Training Program. After talking to Helena for about 10 minutes I said, “Yes! This is something I really want to do.” I patiently waited three months to start the training and now we’re already done Module 1! It’s going by so fast!


Out of the four modules I was the most excited for Module One Anatomy and Asana’s. I didn’t study science in University, so it has been amazing thus far to learn about something different. It’s crazy how everything in the body is connected and works together without you having to do anything. It has most definitely helped me with my own practice and now I notice things about people randomly when I’m just walking down the street. It is great preparation for observing bodies while teaching a yoga class. Natalie J is great source of knowledge and I’m so glad Helena has her teach the first Module! It’s been great to take this knowledge with me into Module Two which has officially began!

I’m very excited for this whole year of learning more about yoga, deepening my practice and being involved with such a great community! I’m extremely happy that I chose to start this journey with In Fine Feather; they are a community that you want to be a part of!

Peace & Love,

Lisa Kiss

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