Meet our Community Partner, The Doula Tree!

TheDoulaTree-Social Icons-01At In Fine Feather Yoga we want to ensure that our students have the resources available to them to maintain a healthy and whole lifestyle on and off the mat. Throughout pregnancy women have more specific needs to guide them through this really transformative experience. We want to introduce you to The Doula Tree, one of our community partners in Hamilton. At the Doula Tree they want to provide women and families in the Hamilton area with labour and postpartum support. Here is some more information on what a doula is and how they can provide you with support through this incredible journey of child birth. See the Doula Tree online HERE and contact them for any additional information. T: 905-869-2069 E:

What Is A Doula?

Provide physical support:

As a trained Doula, we have endless comfort techniques to use with you during labour.  These may include massage, position change, walking, swaying, slow dancing, breathing techniques and mindfulness.   We will happily show your partner or loved one all of these techniques so they can support you in the best way possible.

Connect on an emotional level:

We are here to remind you just how fierce you are, in your moments of self-doubt.  We want to talk about your fears and concerns before they happen so you feel confident along your journey.

Share information:

Sometimes this process can be really confusing.  We are here to ensure you feel comfortable with your decisions by proving you with any information and resources you request.  You’re steering the ship while we navigate the sails!

Join your team:

We work with your care providers including midwives, doctors, nurses and all other medical staff you may have present during this experience.  We recognize them as the medical experts and respect their advice.

Believe in your plan:

Whether you wish to birth at home or at the hospital, breastfeed or formula feed, vaginal or caesarean birth – we know you have made the right choice for you and we want to be a part of that! We will always offer our judgement free support because it’s your body, your birth and your baby.

Provide continuity of care:

From the moment we join your team, you will receive phone and email support whenever you need it.  When we are closing in on your expected due date, we will provide 24/7 on call care.  We will join you at home or at the hospital when you are in labour and stay with you in the postpartum period.  Once you and your precious bundle are back at home, we will meet with you again to answer any questions, tidy the house, make you lunch, boil some tea or care for your newborn so you can get some rest.

Never leave you hanging:

If for any reason I cannot attend your birth, you will always have another trained, compassionate Doula to care for you in the way that you deserve.  You will have the opportunity to meet throughout your pregnancy if you choose to.


Sun Standing Still: Yoga At the Field!

18582505_1655813494446706_7388968975488198944_n As you walk through the stadium doors, you'll experience the silence of 2000 individuals laying in savasana, a silence that is filled with the feeling of endless possibility and opportunity that this practice will bring. The sea of yogis move as one as they flow into Warrior II pose. One hand behind them acknowledging the past, one hand in front as they gaze into the sun’s light that is standing still on this equinox night.

lululemon Burlington is celebrating International Day of Yoga with instructors Johanna De Castro, Helena McKinney, Trish Dingman, and DJ Carmelinda.

This event is complimentary, however donations will be accepted with proceeds going towards the Boys & Girls Club of Hamilton. To learn moreabout this organization please follow the link below.

Tim Hortons Field 64 Melrose Ave N. Hamilton, Ont. Gate details to come

Wednesday, June 21st from 7-8:15pm social to follow



Yoga in the Park 2017 at Gage Park with In Fine Feather!


Dates: Sunday July 9th - Sunday August 27th Time: 10:00am- 11:00am Cost: Pay What You Can

Our favourite event of the year is back, Yoga in the Park, Sunday July 9th 2017!!! Each year this event continues to become more and more powerful and energizing; with yogis coming from all over the city to enjoy one of Hamilton's most beautiful spaces, Gage Park. Our first session will include live rhythmic music by Normando Jones, the teaching guidance of Helena and following the practice there will be a henna artist and refreshments. This is beginner friendly practice and everyone is welcome to join.