Getting Back Into the Flow by Meagan Santa

Make the Transition from Summer to Fall with Ease!


The end of summer usually brings a melancholy feeling. There’s the excitement and anticipation of what autumn brings (cozy sweaters, pumpkin flavored everything, fairs) but also the end of those free-spirited warm months. It’s not a surprise we often fall out of routine and struggle to get back into the flow state this time of year. I’ve compiled a few suggestions to make the transition easier.

The Flow State

To begin, according to positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the flow state is a “complete immersion in an activity.” It’s “being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you're using your skills to the utmost.” By implementing any of these suggestions, my hope is it’s easier for you to find yourself back in a flow state with less worry and a lot more ease.

Raise Your Vibration

1. Raise your vibration by doing something you love and truly enjoy for at least one hour a day. This activity will immerse you in the flow state and/or keep you present. Going to a yoga class, listening to music and cooking, working towards a goal, reading a good book, coffee with a friend, painting, meditation, working out, etc. Ensure that this activity is beneficial for your body & mind. Watching an episode from your latest Netflix show may be enjoyable but it isn’t necessarily going to raise your vibration.

Gossip & Judgement

2. Avoid the gossip, don’t fall into the habit of judging and/or comparing yourself to others. Instead celebrate the good times summer offered, be compassionate of the struggles other may be going through, don’t assume others have it easier or better than you and stay in your own lane! Judgement and gossip will only cause you to feel negative. If you are interested in deep diving this topic, check out Gabby Bernstein’s article here. “I believe that judgment is at the root of all our problems, from the pettiest disagreements to the most catastrophic world events. Our belief that we are separate from one another leads to gossip and bullying as well as deep divisions and violent hate. Healing judgment is extremely urgent right now.”

Scheduling & Communication is Key

3. Simplify your schedule by planning ahead. This will give you time to access your week, prepare, schedule time for yourself to rest/recharge, ask for help, etc. By doing so, you are also encouraging clearer communication to those around you, family, partner, etc. Set yourself up for success by making this a Sunday night ritual followed by an act of self care. No one wants to start their Monday off feeling frazzled and unprepared.

Meal Prep to Save Time & Money

4. Meal prep! If you practice yoga, there’s a good chance you are mindful of your health. Nutrition is a major component to being healthy, feeling energetic and avoiding unnecessary stresses that come up when we are “hangry.” It doesn’t matter what day of the week you do this- although Sundays usually make the most sense. My favourite meals to prep that are quick & yummy include smoothies, soups, wraps, stir frys, cut up veggies, grab’n’go fruit, trail mix, and oatmeal/overnight oats. Imagine family dinners with half the stress and zero confusion as to what to cook, early mornings with a nutritious meal ready to go, and healthy snack choices. This will not only save you time but also money! Click the links to check out my favourite recipes.

Gratitude & Water in the AM

5. Start every day with gratitude and a litre of water (maybe with lemon)! By pairing these two together as soon as you get up, you are encouraging a positive kickstart to your physical and mental health. Think of 5 things everyday you are grateful for. It can be as simple as a good cup of coffee, taking the dog for a walk or as large as your last vacation. Tip - fill your reusable water bottle up the night before and leave it in your bedroom.

At the end of the day, remember that what we are experiencing is simply an energetic reset and a slow seasonal change where habits are affected, and new schedules are upon us. It makes perfect sense that we want to be going strong 24/7 and falling right back into our usual mode of go-go-go but that’s not possible. Give yourself a break as we all transition through this temporary time together.

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More About Meagan Santa

Meagan is a graduate of the In Fine Feather Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Program and an assistant Manager at the studio. Check out our recent blog post where she shares her IFF Yoga Journey. Come meet Meagan on the mat at In Fine Feather Yoga in Hamilton! Check out her bio HERE and find her on the class schedule HERE.

2018 Yogis in the City Photo Contest with IFF!


Calling all Yogis! In Fine Feather Yoga is hosting their 6th annual photo contest, Yogis In The CIty! It’s simple…Bring your yoga practice into the city, snap a pic in a pose and send them our way. We will be looking for creative submissions of all of YOU doing yoga all over YOUR beautiful city!

Submit your pics online and tag In Fine Feather on Instagram or Facebook, hashtag #YogisInTheCity or submit through email at The IFF team will be re-posting your submissions daily, so get involved, let’s make it FUN!

At the end of the contest, the pic that receives the most likes….WINS!!! The winner will take home a FREE $50.00 gift card to In Fine Feather Yoga and an incredible wellness gift from Love My Mat and more!

The contest starts on May 20th- June 10th! You have three weeks to get your pics in! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with, There are so many beautiful spaces in this city, so get out there and happy posting!

30 Day Yoga Challenge!

IFF_30DayChallengeJoin us this April for our 30 Day Yoga Challenge! Everyday feel inspired to roll out your mat and share this yoga journey with the IFF community! This is an opportunity for any student of yoga to dive into their practice, experience a deeper sense of transformation on and off their mat while vibing off of the community energy. The intention is to do as many studio practices as possible in the 30 days! As a challenger, prepare for an extra layer of inspiration via weekly emails with content focused on health & wellness as well as challenger only meetings hosted once each weekend. In those classes, expect to expand your knowledge on self care, nutrition and informative ways to deepen your yoga practice. We know a 30 day commitment can seem a bit intimidating which is why we've created a challenger community with high vibes of energy to keep the motivation running strong. Over the 30 days watch how the body gets stronger and the mind experiences more clarity. Plus, enjoy a closing party to celebrate your 30 days of hard work with giveaways and prizes!! Do this for yourself- see what you can do on your mat in 30 days while meeting new friends, learning new things and transforming into an even better version of you. Costs: Regular Pricing: $135.00 Auto Renew Clients: $100.00

Included in Costs: -Unlimited Yoga -Welcome Wellness Bag -Weekly Inspirational and Educational Emails from the Team -Challenger Exclusive Classes -Closing Party with Prizes and Giveaways!

For more information or to register email

Yoga and Wine event with Between the Lines Winery!

25659294_1545422268840072_5894545600575890045_nShake Your Asana Party!With Between the Lines Winery and In Fine Feather Yoga!

When: Saturday, January 13th. BTL Back Barn Check-In from 5:30 pm Yoga Begins at 6:00 pm Tapas, Wine, and Music: 7:00 pm  - 9:00 pm Cost: $45 includes yoga, food, wine and a BTL Gift bag.

Join BTL and In Fine Feather Yoga for an energizing start to 2018.  It's Yoga + Dance + Great Food and Wine. After you arrive at BTL, Helena from In Fine Feather Yoga will lead you through a fun and electrifying flow practice with a live DJ under the twinkling lights of the Back Barn.  This practice will be invigorating and an empowering way to bring in the New Year!  Each student is encouraged to have a fun and playful practice, try new things, dance to the playlist and celebrate the joy of new beginnings together!

Following the Yoga Session, we will turn up the music and the evening continues with our abundant appetizer bar and delicious BTL wines. You're welcome to continue to dance or bring a change of clothes and sit back and relax. Namaste!

Purchase your tickets online HERE!



A Message from Kelley.

FullSizeRender-6In The Practice of Practice: A Note on Community This morning, I am sitting on the front porch of my little Hamilton home with a steaming cup of startlingly black coffee, a blanket wrapped around my body to ward off the morning chill, and a heart filled with gratitude. You see, I moved to Hamilton just two years ago with my husband: away from our Albertan friends, family, and community; so that we might take a risk together and start a new adventure on this side of the country.

I moved to Hamilton as a ‘seasoned’ Yoga practitioner. What I mean is, I have spent countless hours in seated meditation, at least double as many hours in physical asana practice, and had an encouraging and dynamic community of students and teachers back in Edmonton. I was comfortable in a Yoga collective that was supportive, stable, strong, and stimulating.

I moved to Hamilton knowing no one; I was sidelined from Yoga and physical movement due to a debilitating back injury that forced me to spend sleepless nights on the floor, and kept me away from participating in most things I loved. This physical pain, and the restrictions that it imposed, took an emotional and spiritual toll as I battled feelings of depression, anxiety and helplessness.

I moved to Hamilton as a bird with its wings clipped. I treated my body as a piece of clothing that was not fulfilling its purpose. It was used up, ripped and filled with holes; unwanted. My Yoga practice was a facsimile of what it had been; a shell of something that was strong and had given all it could. All the words that I had spoken as a Yoga teacher to my students of “treat your body with grace”, and “reacquaint yourself with your body every practice” sounded hollow and meaningless as I battled through my practice in a haze of anger.

I lived in Hamilton for a little under a year when I won a gift card at a silent auction for a local Yoga studio. The gift card had an expiry date, so I figured: what the heck? I remember nothing about the room, nothing about the instructor, nothing about the words. I just remember the rituals: coming into the space, rolling out my mat, assembling the props, smelling the familiar smells…(...all Yoga studios smell like something between patchouli and eucalyptus - or it is just me?)

I leaned on those rituals and the rhythm of the breath from the practitioners around me. I relied on them to carry me through my practice. It was the first time in years where I truly treated my body with grace. The first time in years where I reacquainted my body, welcoming it even for its bruises and breaks. Truly, this was the first time where I was in the practice of my Yoga practice. I felt my body respond with a: “finally, I’ve been here all along, where have you been?”. I continue to revel in this relationship with my body and Yoga practice. I continue to work on an  approach to my mat that is with curiosity and without pride. I spent the subsequent few months ‘dating’ different studios in the Hamilton region, sampling classes, looking for a studio that resonated with me and a community that would hold a bit of space for me. Which I found through In Fine Feather. (Hi there, have we met? I’m Kelley and I teach Wednesday evenings at 8:30 and Friday mornings at 6:30 am. Happy to know you.)

I wanted to share my story because before this adventure of injury - and if i’m honest, a bit of a loss of identity - I understood my practice to be bound within certain physical guidelines of strength and flexibility. After undergoing rehabilitation, and building back my practice layer by layer through careful work at our lovely yoga studio on Ottawa street, I have come to truly value being in the practice of my practice. For me, what this means is treating my Yoga as a mark that is never fixed - it bends, moves, stretches, contracts, changes - and that is ok.

I wanted to share my story because in our lovely yoga studio, our teachers meet students every single day with their stories imprinted on their bodies: stories of injury and rehabilitation, of triumph and of success. As teachers, we also have our own stories embedded in our bodies, which then allows us to communicate with you in a shared language, textured in the discourse of experience. When we share our practice together, we are truly in the practice of our practice. So, on the days where you limp, drag, push, pull, saunter, skip, or run to class; know that you are met, and know that you are seen. Rest, as I did, into the expression of community in our space, maybe let yourself be held by the rituals that accompany it, and know that we are doing this good work together.

Looking forward to connecting more with each of you in our community, Kelley Jespersen

A Message from Helena on Gratitude!

give-thanksThis year has been one of incredible transformation for myself and the whole studio. When I have the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the growth and development that has occurred all around me I am incredibly grateful to be witness to it all. On a day to day basis, it is very easy to overlook the wonders of your own life. We tend to dwell on the negative things going on around us, we let the small things bring us down and consume us with worry, fear, anger, regret and doubt. When I look back at this year, the studio hosted their first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program and we are about to host our second. I recently became a Lulu Lemon Ambassador and community partner. My niece turned two and her loving nickname for me is "B". Yoga in the Park this summer introduced me to so many new and wonderful souls. I have the incredible support from a dedicated team and the unconditional love from family and friends. The sun is shining today and you know what, all is well! This short reflection allows me to see that I am on track, producing good in the world where I can and am able.

This weekend, I encourage you all to do a similar reflection. What do you have to be grateful for, what are you proud of, what can you continue to do to enrich your own life and the lives of others? This exercise is an opportunity to check in with yourself, acknowledge the good, recognize the great or even explore an area of your life that needs more mindful attention. Give thanks for all that is whole and happy in your life and take time to enrich the areas that could use more love.

Also, a million times thanks to each and everyone on of you who continue to support my dream and believe in the community at In Fine Feather Yoga.

Love and Gratitude, Helena

Meditate. Move. Music.

18118727_10203568585372985_2211767236312076236_nMeditate. Move. Music.An Evening with Helena and Brock

Date: Friday October 27th 2017 Time: 7:00pm- 8:00pm Cost: $10.00

Join us for an evening of Meditation, Movement and Music with Helena and Brock. Through this practice you will enjoy the soft lighting of candles, a guided meditation, a healing flow practice and the soothing sounds of live music in the studio. Rejuvenate your body and mind, take in the warmth of the room and the vibrations of the music.

To register online click HERE or email!

A Message from Kiah. The Important Thing Your Yoga Practice is Missing

IMG_3135We hear this word all the time in yoga classes, but what does it actually mean? Mindfulness.

In a literal sense, most people consider mindfulness to be a sort of state of being or may relate it to meditation. In the context of this article, I mean it in the physical sense. I’m talking about body awareness.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ll watch students get into a pose I’ve instructed and look physically uncomfortable or even in pain. It drives me nuts, especially because I very deliberately offer modifications and say things like, “Just because I’m demonstrating this does not mean you should be doing this, especially if [insert contraindications/bad sensations here].” And then there are the students who demand I spike the heat in my hot classes so they can sweat and feel like they’ve done a lot, even though they practice sloppily and fail to get the most out of each pose. Yes, sweat is an indication of physical effort. But when the room you’re in is pushing 110°F, you’ll be sweating when you’re on your back in savasana.

Mindfulness is one of the best things a new yogi can develop to improve his or her practice faster, however even some long-time practitioners don’t practice mindfully. For those who come to yoga to aid physical ailments, this is going to ensure you don’t exacerbate an existing issue. For those taking yoga classes for fitness, it is going to allow you to get the kind of exercise you’re craving even if your class does not involve any advanced poses or vinyasas.

Next time you’re in class, pay extra attention to the sensations you’re feeling in the body. If there is any pain or discomfort, you should be adjusting or grabbing your props to support yourself in your pose. Listen to the cues your instructor is giving you and always assume he or she is directing that cue at you specifically — most instructors cue to what they are seeing in front of them, which means that correction very well could be intended for you. If it’s not and you still try to correct it, you’ll only become more familiar with how that pose should feel. And if something your instructor says doesn’t resonate with you make sure you talk to them about it after class. Asking questions gives you the opportunity to get some more in-depth information and is a great step to ensuring you’re practicing better and safer.

Check out my top three tips for getting mindful in your yoga practice:

1. Arrive to class ten minutes early to stretch and move on your mat. Take some time to open areas that feel tight.

2. Sit in Easy Pose (Sukhasana), with legs loosely crossed. If your lower back starts to round, place a block underneath you for added support. Rest your hands on your knees or thighs and get as tall as you can through the crown of your head without losing the natural curves of the spine. Take a few deep breaths and begin to scan the body from the crown of the head to the feet, taking note of how you’re feeling.

3. Tell your instructor about any pain or injuries you have recently been experiencing. If they know what you’re working with, it is a lot easier to suggest modifications in class that will benefit you specifically. This is especially important if you are new to yoga.

Meet our Community Partner, The Doula Tree!

TheDoulaTree-Social Icons-01At In Fine Feather Yoga we want to ensure that our students have the resources available to them to maintain a healthy and whole lifestyle on and off the mat. Throughout pregnancy women have more specific needs to guide them through this really transformative experience. We want to introduce you to The Doula Tree, one of our community partners in Hamilton. At the Doula Tree they want to provide women and families in the Hamilton area with labour and postpartum support. Here is some more information on what a doula is and how they can provide you with support through this incredible journey of child birth. See the Doula Tree online HERE and contact them for any additional information. T: 905-869-2069 E:

What Is A Doula?

Provide physical support:

As a trained Doula, we have endless comfort techniques to use with you during labour.  These may include massage, position change, walking, swaying, slow dancing, breathing techniques and mindfulness.   We will happily show your partner or loved one all of these techniques so they can support you in the best way possible.

Connect on an emotional level:

We are here to remind you just how fierce you are, in your moments of self-doubt.  We want to talk about your fears and concerns before they happen so you feel confident along your journey.

Share information:

Sometimes this process can be really confusing.  We are here to ensure you feel comfortable with your decisions by proving you with any information and resources you request.  You’re steering the ship while we navigate the sails!

Join your team:

We work with your care providers including midwives, doctors, nurses and all other medical staff you may have present during this experience.  We recognize them as the medical experts and respect their advice.

Believe in your plan:

Whether you wish to birth at home or at the hospital, breastfeed or formula feed, vaginal or caesarean birth – we know you have made the right choice for you and we want to be a part of that! We will always offer our judgement free support because it’s your body, your birth and your baby.

Provide continuity of care:

From the moment we join your team, you will receive phone and email support whenever you need it.  When we are closing in on your expected due date, we will provide 24/7 on call care.  We will join you at home or at the hospital when you are in labour and stay with you in the postpartum period.  Once you and your precious bundle are back at home, we will meet with you again to answer any questions, tidy the house, make you lunch, boil some tea or care for your newborn so you can get some rest.

Never leave you hanging:

If for any reason I cannot attend your birth, you will always have another trained, compassionate Doula to care for you in the way that you deserve.  You will have the opportunity to meet throughout your pregnancy if you choose to.


A Testimonial from YTT Graduate Meaghan Bell!

IMG_6080Everyone has a story about how they came to find and love the practice of yoga. Can you remember the first time you rolled out your mat? Can you remember how you felt, emotionally, physically and mentally before, during and after your first practice? Looking back on that journey, how has it changed? How have you changed? How has your mind, body and soul changed? I began practicing yoga in 2007 but did not come to form a regular consistent practice, until 2012. For me, yoga was my self-care activity, nourishing my mind, body and soul, fostering mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. In 2016, I found myself in what I refer to as a dark season of my life. During that time, I craved yoga more than I ever had in the past, desperate to find some balance in my life again and restore my overall wellbeing. I wanted to immerse myself in the practice and reap the benefits; I wanted to focus on me. So I enrolled in the yoga teacher training program at In Fine Feather. The course has transformed my yoga practice in so many ways, and has resulted in a journey of self-discovery and self-compassion.

At the time of enrolling, I was familiar with the Sanskrit term, asana, meaning the movement of the body or the poses of the practice. Since taking this course, I have gone back to the very beginning, to the foundation poses, finding the correct alignment in my body first, before exploring more advanced variations of the pose. At first, poses I have done for years, felt foreign to me. I now know that to receive the maximum benefit of any pose it is not how deep I can go into that pose or what advanced variation I take, but correct positioning and alignment while in that pose. For many poses this means the use of props; the use of props alone have helped lengthen, open and support my body exactly where it is needed. Now starting with a solid foundation and correct alignment, I am receiving the full benefits of the poses, and my yoga practice has advanced faster in one year than it has since I started practicing. I know understand which poses are challenging for my body and why (i.e. tight hamstrings), and what poses will benefit my body and help overcome these challenges. My own awareness of the physical movement of my body, has created a more mindful, intuitive, safe practice.

The asana is only one part (or limb) of the practice of yoga according to Pantanjali’s yoga sutras. The sutras, contain the eight-limbed path, a “guidebook” for daily practices to nourish and cleanse our own mind, body and soul, bringing happiness and peace into our lives and perhaps one day, enlightenment. Most of us are familiar with asana, but the practice of yoga extends way beyond our mat, into our daily lives. The philosophies behind this practice are worth exploring, not only to gain an understanding of this ancient tradition and how it has changed over time to what most of us are familiar with, but to make sense of the dialogue that comes with the practice and how that might translate to your own life, bringing about self-discovery.

In addition to the asana, most yogis are familiar with the Sanskrit term, prana, meaning energy or life force. One way to restore prana is through breathing exercises, in a practice known as pranyama, another of the eight limbs. The breath, is a constant, often used as an anchor or focus to bring us into the present moment. The awareness of the breath is often practiced through meditation. As global awareness of mental illness increases, mindfulness and meditation practices are gaining popularity. And rightfully so; meditation has been shown to decrease blood pressure, assist in times of anxiety, calms the body, relieves stress and can help prevent relapses of depression. Not to mention, having a fellow yogi lead you through a loving kindness meditation, or a room full of yogis chanting in Sanskrit, reverberates deep. There are many forms of meditation, that you may not have been introduced to before, worth experiencing, as I am sure one will speak to you and you will carry it with you, and return to it.

What happens when you combine the knowledge around the philosophies, the movement and the meditation that make up yoga, with your own passions, experience and voice? That is what is discovered when you complete the course, with the final module. Since taking the yoga teacher training certification course, I am living yoga the best way I know how. Although, I am not teaching yoga within the community, I have developed a passion for mindfulness and hope to share that passion with those around me. I am living mindfully, with my breathe as my anchor to the present moment, and with intention and self-compasion, trying to be the best version of myself. I am doing this for myself, and my own wellbeing, and for those around me, in my inner circle and those in the community. I am filled with passion and joy, excited for my yoga journey ahead.

Whether you take one module or all four, I am confident that your awareness, your way of thinking, the way you see the world and the way you practice yoga will change in a positive way, and take you on your own journey of self-discovery.

Namaste, Meaghan

Sun Standing Still: Yoga At the Field!

18582505_1655813494446706_7388968975488198944_n As you walk through the stadium doors, you'll experience the silence of 2000 individuals laying in savasana, a silence that is filled with the feeling of endless possibility and opportunity that this practice will bring. The sea of yogis move as one as they flow into Warrior II pose. One hand behind them acknowledging the past, one hand in front as they gaze into the sun’s light that is standing still on this equinox night.

lululemon Burlington is celebrating International Day of Yoga with instructors Johanna De Castro, Helena McKinney, Trish Dingman, and DJ Carmelinda.

This event is complimentary, however donations will be accepted with proceeds going towards the Boys & Girls Club of Hamilton. To learn moreabout this organization please follow the link below.

Tim Hortons Field 64 Melrose Ave N. Hamilton, Ont. Gate details to come

Wednesday, June 21st from 7-8:15pm social to follow



Yoga in the Park 2017 at Gage Park with In Fine Feather!


Dates: Sunday July 9th - Sunday August 27th Time: 10:00am- 11:00am Cost: Pay What You Can

Our favourite event of the year is back, Yoga in the Park, Sunday July 9th 2017!!! Each year this event continues to become more and more powerful and energizing; with yogis coming from all over the city to enjoy one of Hamilton's most beautiful spaces, Gage Park. Our first session will include live rhythmic music by Normando Jones, the teaching guidance of Helena and following the practice there will be a henna artist and refreshments. This is beginner friendly practice and everyone is welcome to join.

Anyone Can Do Yoga, by Amy Gowling!

IMG_3939For the last few months, I have been teaching chair yoga classes at In Fine Feather Yoga on Mondays and Thursdays at 12:00pm. I thought I would share some of my experience in teaching this class through what I have observed. June is Senior’s Month. Initially I was going to write about the exciting topic of fall prevention (yes, for health promotion nerds like me fall prevention is an exciting topic!) but decided to write about Yoga instead. Why Yoga and why I recommend it especially to individuals of all ages. As a Recreation Therapist I’ve recommended yoga to a wide variety of people for the researched physical and mental health benefits. In my opinion seniors have the most to gain from a regular yoga practice. Increased strength and mobility; pain management; reduced stress, anxiety and depression; better focus; better balance (ie: fall prevention!); and reduced blood pressure are just a few of the benefits.

There’s a stigma that yoga is about being able to twist yourself into a pretzel or stand on your head, that you have to be flexible and athletic. Not true! Anyone can do yoga!!

Stop for a minute, close your eyes while you take a deep breath in and a slow exhale out. Notice how you feel. There, you just did yoga! Yoga is about tuning into your body, your breath and your mind.

If you’re interested in trying out a class, here are some pointers to get started:

~Check with your health care provider(s), let them know you’re interested in starting a yoga program, and find out if there’s any limitations you need to consider.

~Find a class that is right for you. While anyone can do yoga, not every class is right for everyone. Classes can vary from an intense work out in a hot room to a lying down meditation. Look for words like Intro, Gentle, Chair, and Beginner.

~If you have concerns getting up and down from the ground try Chair Yoga.

~Talk to the Yoga Instructor! Tell them about any physical limitations or health concerns you may have.

~Invite a friend to come with you. Going together can help with some of the initial nervousness of trying something new and you can motivate each other to stick to it.

~Exploring mindful movement while challenging your strength, balance and focus is part of the yoga practice. Knowing when not to do something is just as important. Listen to your body. If the teacher is instructing a movement or pose that doesn’t feel right for you, don’t do it.

A safe and easy yoga practice you could do right at home is a Gratitude Journal. Spend 5 minutes a day (or more!) writing down what you’re thankful for in that moment then pause and notice how you feel. It’s that easy. Try it as you start out your day to uplift you and set your tone for the day, or at the end of the day before bed as an aid for lowering stress hormones and promoting better sleep.

I’d like to express my gratitude to for all the wonderful people is this neighbourhood and I would love to see your first introduction to yoga be with me on Mondays or Thursdays at 12:00pm. Even if you are recovering from and injury or looking to get back into the practice, this would be the place to start. You can reach me by email at:, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about making yoga a part of your life. Namaste!



A Testimonial from our Recent Graduate and New Instructor, Meagan Santa!

FullSizeRender-2For the past nine months, anytime someone asked where I was or where I was going, my response was yoga. Whether it was filling my weekends with yoga teacher training, energy exchange, or taking classes, I was soaking up all the information I could, putting all the pieces of the yoga world together and growing on my mat. One of my favourite parts of yoga is “what happens on the mat……” doesn’t just stay there- it makes you a better person, you begin to take up more space in your community and you find the courage to teach & inspire. My practice has evolved substantially since I began to learn more about the structure of each pose, how the anatomical body works, and the many modifications. I even took my practice off the mat to unlock more of the mental benefits of yoga; like finding value in The Four Agreements and bringing more mindfulness into my life. I took extra time to converse with my body and make decisions throughout my practice in alignment with what I needed each day. I found myself in more gentle classes and exploring other types of yoga I hadn’t yet tried. I was interested in teacher’s styles and where they drew their inspiration from each day. Every class is different! Before I started yoga teacher training, I didn’t really grasp how many possibilities there was to explore and the training only got me more curious to learn.

The more I learned, the more I shared. So many traditional philosophies, creative yoga poses and meditation techniques were introduced to me within the four modules. I started inviting my family and friends to join me in yoga classes and I made greater connections even with them. The community of students I spent time with each weekend were inspiring and like our instructors said, we’d feel like a little yogi family by graduation. Saturdays and Sundays were spent surrounded by bolsters, blocks and notebooks, sharing snacks and sipping endless cups of tea and coffee. It was basically 200 hours of unforgettable yoga camp! I learned the importance of surrounding myself with like-minded individuals and conversing about topics we cared deeply about.

One of the most rewarding experiences, was finding the courage to teach my first flow class. By that time we had built a very safe and encouraging space. We took turns stepping out of our comfort zone, using the opportunity to grow and develop while also identifying what type of teacher we wanted to be. Each of us had a different story and reason for committing to each module. Not all of us aspired to be teachers, some of us wanted to deepen our practice, learn about the body’s anatomy to be safer in practice, develop techniques for meditation, string together our own yoga sequences for a home practice or understand where yoga emerged and how its evolved. But we all shared one common reason for showing up each week, a passion for the practice and a hope to bring the benefits of yoga into a larger community.

So my advice this summer is to go explore, go find your people, go try something new that requires courage, and share your love for yoga with the community. If you feel a calling to deepen your yoga practice and do a little soul searching, yoga camp is where I suggest you start. The adventure begins this September and I'll be there again volunteering because of my pure passion for this course!

Namaste, Meagan Rose!

A Message from Community Member Reanna!

12670161_10207368321760474_8625007278093803526_nMy Journey with In Fine Feather Yoga! I can distinctly remember an experience I had as a child, asking a new kid at school “Hey do you want to be my friend?” and being totally stoked when that answer was “Sure, let’s hang out at recess!” The simplicity of making friends when you’re young is nothing compared to how awkward and uncomfortable it might feel as an adult. So when I was a 26 year old moving to the big bad city of Hamilton from small town Niagara Region, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to meet people. Moving to Hamilton to be with my partner has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, but I was definitely hesitant about leaving behind all of my family and friends for an unfamiliar city filled with people I didn’t know. It was an easy decision to find a local yoga studio, because I already had got my feet wet with the practice back home and was starting to love it. Plus, I figured it would be a great opportunity to meet some like-minded individuals.

In Fine Feather wasn’t the first studio I tried in Hamilton, but it was the first one that I felt truly welcomed as part of the community. From the desk staff remembering my name on only my second visit there, to the studio owner being so glad to meet me after seeing my name come up on some recent class schedules and workshop sign-ups, it was truly a warm and inviting atmosphere that I knew I wanted to be a part of.

Making friends at the studio was easy. After seeing some of the same faces in multiple classes and being part of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with a group of yogis, I was feeling like an important part of the IFF community—a feeling that I didn’t always get from other studios.

After completing the Challenge in my first few months at the studio, I knew I wanted to join the community in a big way. I was thrilled when Helena agreed to have me join the team as an Energy Exchanger; this meant I was able to continue growing in the practice I loved and also continue meeting new people and building lasting friendships.

The people at In Fine Feather, whether it is the instructors, energy exchangers, or students, have all been an integral part of why I keep coming back. I’m happy to say that I have made friends throughout my journey with IFF and will continue to make more, as the community seems to make it so easy.

Thanks to all the wonderful beings I’ve come across in the studio for making this transition a smooth one!

Your Friend, Reanna

Our 5th Annual Yogis in the City Contest is Back!


Calling all Yogis!! In Fine Feather Yoga is hosting their 5th annual photo contest, Yogis In The CIty! It’s simple…Bring your yoga practice into the city, snap a pic in a pose and send them our way. We will be looking for creative submissions of all of YOU doing yoga all over YOUR beautiful city!

Submit your pics online and tag In Fine Feather on Instagram or Facebook, hashtag #YogisInTheCity or submit through email at Helena will be re-posting your submissions daily, so get involved, let’s make it FUN!

At the end of the month, the pic that receives the most likes….WINS!!! The winner will take home a FREE $50.00 gift card to In Fine Feather Yoga and an incredible wellness gift from Love My Mat and more!

A Student Testimonial from Kate!

IMG_3756I have been practicing yoga for several years now and there is something about IFF that is really special to me. I love the feeling that I get after a busy, stressful day and coming to my mat to unwind and do something good for my body and soul. The studio has a real sense of community feeling to it!

And it is definitely difficult to find a studio that offers so many community classes, which is exactly what I was looking for when I started coming here. I have been coming to IFF for over a year now, and it brings a calming aspect to my life. I moved to the east end of Hamilton last year for several months as I was renovating houses, and I wanted to practice yoga and become involved with the Hamilton community. I plan on getting my yoga teacher training before the end of this year, and I was looking for a place I could deepen my practice, and a place where I felt comfortable going on a weekly basis. Affordability was a big thing as well. Coming to practice yoga here makes me extremely happy and leaves me with a strong feeling of belonging and wellness. I especially love coming to Helena’s Wednesday evening classes where the class is packed and full of positive vibes. I enjoy giving back to the community as well, and really appreciate the fact that the community classes offered are pay what you can. IFF makes practicing yoga and feeling connected available to a wide range of people, and I have been trying to spread the word about this beautiful studio as often as I can.

Since moving to Hamilton last year, I have travelled quite extensively. I moved to Europe for several months, came back for a wedding, was off to Europe again, and then down in Central America for several weeks before returning back to the GTA. For the past several years, I have moved around constantly and my favourite part about coming home is the familiarity of the people and places. After living in several different countries, returning home to a solid base and community is important to me. I love seeing my old friends and family, frequenting authentic little coffee shops, restaurants, and doing my favourite hikes. IFF is now one of those favourite places too. I often come home in different states and moods, with exciting new plans, or panicking about where I am heading off to next. I can depend on coming back to IFF to gain a sense of clarity, mindfulness, and belonging. I plan on being as involved as I can be with this studio. As long as I am a part of the Hamilton community, I will look forward to being a part of the IFF community. I do appreciate the feeling of connection and familiarity that I get as I enter those doors and come to find stillness and a sense of peace on my mat. Thanks for being apart of my journey and to everyone who makes this space as warm as it is everyday!

Namaste, Kate!