30 Day Yoga Challenge!

IFF_30DayChallengeJoin us this April for our 30 Day Yoga Challenge! Everyday feel inspired to roll out your mat and share this yoga journey with the IFF community! This is an opportunity for any student of yoga to dive into their practice, experience a deeper sense of transformation on and off their mat while vibing off of the community energy. The intention is to do as many studio practices as possible in the 30 days! As a challenger, prepare for an extra layer of inspiration via weekly emails with content focused on health & wellness as well as challenger only meetings hosted once each weekend. In those classes, expect to expand your knowledge on self care, nutrition and informative ways to deepen your yoga practice. We know a 30 day commitment can seem a bit intimidating which is why we've created a challenger community with high vibes of energy to keep the motivation running strong. Over the 30 days watch how the body gets stronger and the mind experiences more clarity. Plus, enjoy a closing party to celebrate your 30 days of hard work with giveaways and prizes!! Do this for yourself- see what you can do on your mat in 30 days while meeting new friends, learning new things and transforming into an even better version of you. Costs: Regular Pricing: $135.00 Auto Renew Clients: $100.00

Included in Costs: -Unlimited Yoga -Welcome Wellness Bag -Weekly Inspirational and Educational Emails from the Team -Challenger Exclusive Classes -Closing Party with Prizes and Giveaways!

For more information or to register email info@infinefeatheryoga.com.