A Student Testimonial from Kate!

IMG_3756I have been practicing yoga for several years now and there is something about IFF that is really special to me. I love the feeling that I get after a busy, stressful day and coming to my mat to unwind and do something good for my body and soul. The studio has a real sense of community feeling to it!

And it is definitely difficult to find a studio that offers so many community classes, which is exactly what I was looking for when I started coming here. I have been coming to IFF for over a year now, and it brings a calming aspect to my life. I moved to the east end of Hamilton last year for several months as I was renovating houses, and I wanted to practice yoga and become involved with the Hamilton community. I plan on getting my yoga teacher training before the end of this year, and I was looking for a place I could deepen my practice, and a place where I felt comfortable going on a weekly basis. Affordability was a big thing as well. Coming to practice yoga here makes me extremely happy and leaves me with a strong feeling of belonging and wellness. I especially love coming to Helena’s Wednesday evening classes where the class is packed and full of positive vibes. I enjoy giving back to the community as well, and really appreciate the fact that the community classes offered are pay what you can. IFF makes practicing yoga and feeling connected available to a wide range of people, and I have been trying to spread the word about this beautiful studio as often as I can.

Since moving to Hamilton last year, I have travelled quite extensively. I moved to Europe for several months, came back for a wedding, was off to Europe again, and then down in Central America for several weeks before returning back to the GTA. For the past several years, I have moved around constantly and my favourite part about coming home is the familiarity of the people and places. After living in several different countries, returning home to a solid base and community is important to me. I love seeing my old friends and family, frequenting authentic little coffee shops, restaurants, and doing my favourite hikes. IFF is now one of those favourite places too. I often come home in different states and moods, with exciting new plans, or panicking about where I am heading off to next. I can depend on coming back to IFF to gain a sense of clarity, mindfulness, and belonging. I plan on being as involved as I can be with this studio. As long as I am a part of the Hamilton community, I will look forward to being a part of the IFF community. I do appreciate the feeling of connection and familiarity that I get as I enter those doors and come to find stillness and a sense of peace on my mat. Thanks for being apart of my journey and to everyone who makes this space as warm as it is everyday!

Namaste, Kate!