Our pilgrimage begins in the exciting and fast paced city of New Delhi. We explore the narrow lanes of Chandi Chowk by rickshaw, visiting India’s oldest mosque, Jama Masjid. After lunch we stop for a rewarding experience as you spend the afternoon with children, during which you can discover another culture, and realize your own potential. We rise before the sun the next morning to travel abroad India’s world famous railway. From here you will visit the iconic Taj Mahal and serve selflessly at a very special animal sanctuary with elephants and bears.

Your next destination is the spiritual city of Varanasi. Here you will have a chance to experience life along the sacred waters of the Ganges River which might just be the holiest river in any region. It is an integral part of Indian spirituality and is celebrated as a symbol of faith and hope. Varanasi promises to answer the call of your soul as you explore the sacred land of yogis and sages. Our scheduled tour to a Hindu Temple and an afternoon cooking class will open your eyes to the culture and the beauty of everyday India. The next day you will rise early to watch life as it gently awakens and to participate in a powerful meditation practice on your final morning here.

Next we fly west to Udaipur, also known as the Venice of India. You will check into your hotel that overlooks Lake Pichola and in the evening you will be able to explore at your own leisure. The next day after our yoga practice we will spend time with an incredible organization that saves the lives of street animals. Today will be a treat as you tour the facility and volunteer your time selflessly. Relax back at your hotel that night before we head north to Amritsar. Take in the views of the streets in the evening, watching local people and their activities at the roadside bazaar. At 9 pm we will make our way to the Golden Temple to experience a very interesting ceremony. After an overnight stay in Amritsar we head back to the Golden Temple to attend prayers. We will then participate in the grand communal feast where we will volunteer either by cooking, washing, cleaning, feeding or other activities offered at the feast hall. That evening we drive to the official Indian-Pakistan crossing at Wagan to witness the interesting Beating of the Retreat ceremony. Our next day brings us full circle back to New Delhi. We will visit the Akshardham Temple on our final night. You will be captivated by the most incredible Hindu light show. We celebrate this final night with a farewell dinner. On our final morning we will move slowly as we practise together for one last time closing our retreat with a very special ceremony together.

Our 11 night and 10 day adventure will help you deepen your practice while experiencing the sights and fragrances of India. You will be touched by India’s culture and people while immersing yourself in your daily practice. This retreat promises to be transformative for your mind and soul in many ways. The commitment you have made to yourself will fill your heart with a lifetime of memories.


Sample Itinerary

7:00am Sunrise Yoga Class

8:30am Breakfast

10:00am Cultural/Selfless Service Excursion

1:00pm Stop for Lunch

4:00pm Spare Time

6:00pm Dinner

7:45pm Meditation


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