Jenn Higginbottom


Searching for a way to relieve stress and become more self aware, Jenn found yoga for the first time here at In Fine Feather. She quickly became a regular at the studio after discovering that yoga was benefiting not only her mind but her body as well. As she gained both confidence and strength, her love for her practice grew and after two years on her mat she decided to strengthen this practice by enrolling in the 200-hour Teacher Training at In Fine Feather. It was through this training that she found her love for teaching.

Jenn loves teaching classes with a theme or a focused intention and puts emphasis on alignment and moving with breath. She urges students to listen to their body and make their practice their own. Driven by how her practice has changed her life outside of the studio, she encourages students to take all they’ve learned on their mats and apply it to their every day lives. Her passion for teaching is motivated by the desire to help students find positivity during practice and take it with them off their mats.