Kiah Cato


Kiah first stepped onto her yoga mat during high school, using her practice to help develop more flexibility and avoid injury on the soccer field. Since then, yoga has become more than just a means of stretching. Through mindful movement, Kiah has used her practice to both conquer physical feats she never thought possible and to anchor herself in times of struggle.

In 2014 Kiah completed her 200-hour Hatha-Vinyasa teacher training at De La Sol Yoga Studios in Hamilton and has been teaching ever since. In her classes, she strives to challenge students while at the same time encouraging them to listen to their bodies and respect their own boundaries. Yoga, she has learned over the years, has no end goal. The value in practicing is to recognize our boundaries and to eventually develop the strength to overcome them — but the obstacles will never end.

Outside of yoga, Kiah has her paralegal diploma from Sheridan College and will complete her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Public Policy from the University of Guelph at the end of the summer. She is excited to move to Canada’s capital in the fall to begin law school at the University of Ottawa, a longtime dream of hers.