Lauren Speziale


Lauren’s passion for yoga centres around the practice of awareness, self-inquiry and interception. It is through this ongoing practice that the relationship with the self is strengthened, the first step to living a more harmonious life. Lauren practiced yoga through all three of her pregnancies and experienced many of the benefits yoga has to offer while carrying her babies and preparing for their births. She was so grateful for yoga during these times, that it ignited her excitement to share the gift of yoga with others!

Lauren completed her initial 200 hour Hatha-Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2013 with Katie McClelland and Andre Grandbois at De La Sol Yoga Studios. She has furthered her education as a yoga teacher through programs such as Yin Yang training with Erin Aquin, Prenatal and Postnatal training with Kerry Casarin, Mindful Strength Training with Kathryn Bruni-Young, and most recently Anatomy and Asana training with Natalie Jakymyshyn and Helena McKinney at In Fine Feather

Lauren started out teaching Vinyasa, flow-style yoga as well as grounding, meditative classes. Over the past few years her scope of teaching has broadened to include Prenatal, Postnatal and Mom & Baby classes. Having been through three rounds of pregnancy, child birth, and mothering little ones, she feels that this is where her experience is most specialized. Her passion lies in sharing the strengthening, opening, grounding aspects of the practice with prenatal students. She gets great joy out of seeing the relief women get from their aches and pains after practicing, and the focus and confidence they gain in preparation for child birth after practices of body awareness and connection to breath. Lauren also enjoys supporting women when they are ready to come back to their mats after baby is born. She helps postnatal women to gradually rebuild core strength, build healthy pelvic floor muscles, and alleviate some of the typical aches and pains that come with motherhood. Lauren aims to create a space for these women who are going through immense change in their lives, that fosters connection to community, emotional support and healing.