Rachel Gibson


Rachel’s teachings come in the form of a playful curiosity towards one’s body, heart and mind. When we acknowledge that we are not the same person we were the last time we came to our mat, that understanding paves the way for deeper Self acceptance, compassion and trust.

Yoga provides a framework to experience this Self discovery through. Breath, Asanas, Visualization and Meditation all lend themselves in Rachel’s classes to remind students that they are more than the thoughts in their head. She loves to infuse other metaphysical teachings, too!

Rachel desires to create a class for her students that grounds them in the present moment until they roll out of Savasana. Once class is over she hopes they feel a greater sense of connection to Nature, the Universe and each other.

Rachel currently teaches a unique Sunrise class that blends Vinyasa, Hatha and Tai Chi as well as hosting the Guided by the Moon workshop series.