Shelley Gordon


Shelley Gordon is a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor at De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton with additional training at Maureen Rae Yoga in Toronto.Being active & dealing with injuries, Shelley has an acute physical body awareness that continues to grow with practicing & teaching yoga. She knows that yoga is a powerful tool to restore balance & equanimity to our busy, over-scheduled lives. Through yoga, Shelley aims to build happy bodies & minds that live in a state of ease, lightness & love. She is excited to share her joy of yoga, meditation, music, and movement with new and seasoned students alike. Shelley has been practicing yoga for 18 years & teaching for 9. Currently she specializes in healing injuries thru yoga as a physiotherapist assistant. She brings her experience of learning from teachers in Thai Land to Montreal & England to Whistler & the dedicated staff at De La Sol. You’ll enjoy Shelley’s creative approach to making yoga fun & effective.