Upcoming Workshops


Yoga in the Park is Back! 


We are so thrilled to be hosting Yoga in the Park again. Each year this event becomes more and more vibrant and empowering. With yogis coming from all over the city to enjoy one of Hamilton's most beautiful spaces, Gage Park. This is a beginner class and everyone is welcome to join. We love the simplicity and serenity of this class; coming together to savour the morning light and the coolness of the air, moving mindfully through the postures taking in the sounds and energy of the park. A gentle reminder to bring your own mat, bring water and try to find a shady spot by the trees. This is one of our favourite events of the year and we cant wait for you to join us! 

Dates: Sunday June 23rd- Sunday August 25th
Time: 10:00am- 11:00am 
Where: Gage Park by the Rose Gardens 
Cost: Pay What You Can 


McMaster Yoga in the Park


Dates: Tuesday June 25th - Tuesday August 27th
Time: 12:15pm-12:45pm
Where: McMaster University Alumni House 
Cost: Pay What You Can

Helena is back teaching on McMaster Campus for the 6th summer. She will be guiding you through a 30 minute practice to energize and boost you mid day. This is a beginner class and everyone is welcome to join us at the Alumni House, it is one of the most beautiful spaces on campus. As a graduate of McMaster University, it always takes Helena back to her days a student!


Partner Thai Massage with Lilli Markle


Date: Sunday July 28th

Time: 4:00pm- 6:00pm

Cost: $50.00+HST per person 

Thai massage is a great way to connect to your partner, friend, or family member and anyone can learn this healing therapy. Traditional Thai massage works primarily with the energetic body using manual manipulation combined with acupressure, gentle stretching and muscular kneading. By stimulating the bodies lines of energy or Prana (life force), we can help break up blockages in tissues or organs to stimulate free flow of Prana and help to restore general wellbeing. 

During this workshop, your guide Lilli Markle, will demonstrate how to safely give basic thai massage techniques from a meditative place of loving kindness. This fun practice will leave you in a state of blissful flow, connection and warmth. We invite you to stay and enjoy connecting with your community after your massage. Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks! Thai massage is practiced on a soft surface on the floor. Each person is required to bring a blanket.



Fearless Heart Flow with Nicole Catenazzi


Date: Friday August 9th 

Time: 7:00pm- 9:00pm

Cost: $35.00 +HST

The heart speaks fearlessly when we can be brave enough to listen. This hybrid yoga, meditation and writing workshop offers the opportunity for you to connect to your fearless heart. Nicole Catenazzi, passionate writer and heartfelt yoga teacher, will guide you through movements that will unblock physical and emotional tension in your body, plus freewriting and meditation exercises designed to tenderly meet and release your fears. Expect to open your body up and write your heart out!