Yoga & Meditation

 This yoga retreat will offer a variety of yoga styles from gentle morning classes to more energetic moving flows that support strength and flexibility. Your teachers Helena and Jackee will weave in deep relaxation and meditation to ensure you have time to restore. Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels. We strongly encourage beginner yogis to join us, as this is a wonderful opportunity to find the inspiration to beginning a personal practice. No matter what your level of experience is, this will be a transformative time for you. 

Imagine flowing to the rhythm of your breath as you are inspired by the sights and sounds around you. Escaping from the high energy of the city around you, allow yourself to be grounded in a daily practice, helping you absorb the whole cultural experience. Our heartfelt classes will be a powerful experience for you on this journey. Deepen and cultivate a greater sense of awareness as you practice in the birthplace of yoga. If your heart is calling you, join Helena and Jackee November 15th 2019 - Om in India!