Helena McKinney

In 2008 Helena attended her first yoga class, unaware of the incredible journey the practice would lead her on. Helena has always had a passion and knowledge for movement from her background in dance, but through yoga she has discovered how to move more mindfully and live more consciously. Dedication to her practice has led her down a path of greater health, strength and peace. Feeling compelled to share this passion, Helena established In Fine Feather Yoga in 2012, which transcended into a connection with the yoga community all over the world. 

 Through her extended yoga training abroad and personal traveling experiences, she recognizes the incredible benefits of immersing yourself in other cultures and seeing different landscapes. Every trip she has been on, has allowed her space to feel inspired, rejuvenated and expand on her capacity to give back to the community. Travelling within different cultures offers a sense of union and oneness with the world simply by being open in mind and body. She is excited to be offering retreats through In Fine Feather Yoga, so that others can redefine themselves through adventure, curiosity, culture, nature, yoga, food and the abundance of beauty the world has to offer. 

Jackee DeSimone India Retreat Hamilton Ontario.JPG

Jackee DeSimone

Jackee started practicing yoga in 2012 seeking nothing more than a physical workout. As she started to build strength, flexibility and balance, she had no idea it would take her on a soul searching journey that would soon connect her with something so much deeper than just her physical body. Yoga opened up a world of stillness, happiness and peace she had never known previously.

During a new years eve meditation Jackee started to co-create the idea of making a pilgrimage to India.  India colourfully cracked Jackee's heart open in 2016, she has backpacked throughout the north and south India discovering patience, humility and compassion.  In 2018 she hosted her first international retreat to incredible India. This experience left her heart feeling full as her group experienced so much growth and expansion.   Jackee is so excited to share this once in a life time journey with you!  It is impossible to not go to India and feel touched but the colours, sights, culture and sounds.