You will have all of the comforts of home while you explore this intoxicating country.  As you travel through 5 different cities with your hosts, each stop we visit will feel more and more like home.  You will spend 11 nights and 10 days in accommodations that are chosen with comfort as our top priority. Your retreat will include stays at some very unique locations. Expect to experience majestic views, great food and wonderful service. Imagine what it will feel like looking out the window and the Taj Mahal is the first thing you see as you start your day. Listen to the sounds of the women slapping their laundry on to the steps of the Ganges as you sip chai from your balcony. If you close your eyes maybe you can feel yourself sitting on the roof while boaters drift calmly along the Pichola Lake. These are just a few examples of what you will experience with In Fine Feather next February. The magic of India promises to touch your soul and inspire you on this special seva pilgrimage.

Accommodations are chosen based on the best customer service ratings, location and overall experience for you on this journey. Other amenities that are offered to you are on site spas, swimming pools, iconic views, and western toilets (just in case you were wondering).