Our tour begins in the exciting and fast-paced city of New Delhi. Imagine taking a cycle rickshaw ride through the narrow lanes of Chandi Chowk before you visit the iconic, Jama Masjid; which is India’s largest mosque. You can relax poolside at your beautiful hotel or explore the city before waking up early the next morning to travel abroad India's world-famous railway. From here you will visit the famous Taj Mahal. Your next destination is the spiritual city of Varanasi. You will have 3 days to slow down to get a real feel for this city, which you will find is full of devotion. Varanasi is promised to answer the call of your soul as you explore this sacred land of yogi’s, saints and sages. A scheduled trip to a Hindu temple and market will open your eyes to the culture and the beauty of everyday life in India and may even give you an opportunity to test out your bartering skills. The Ganges River might just be the holiest river in any religion. It is an integral part of Indian spirituality and is celebrated as a symbol of faith and hope. You won't want to miss the vibrations of this experience! You rise early in the morning to watch life as it wakes up gently along the Ganges River followed by a powerful meditation practice on your final morning in Northern India.

Next, we fly South for some relaxation and fun in the sun. Upon flying to the Kochi airport a shuttle bus will greet you and transport you to our cozy villa in Alleppey. We will awaken the next morning to enjoy yoga and journaling as we give ourselves permission to slow down for the day. We invite you to move as fast or as slow as you wish on your journey with us. While we have all these scheduled group trips, we also encourage you to take some independent time if that’s needed. The next day you aboard our house boat! This is an unforgettable stay where we will practice meditation and stillness. Spend the day floating along the backwaters of Kerala as you take in the sights and sounds of Southern India. Enjoy a sunset dinner with your new friends and settle in for the the night on our houseboat. The next morning we float back to our bus and return to Kochi catching a quick one hour flight to Goa. This is our final destination. Here we plan to surrender on the beach or you can take a day trip and visit the beautiful Dudhsagar Waterfall. Our 11 night and 10 day adventure will surely help you deepen your practice while experiencing the sights and fragrances of India. This amazing opportunity lets you be touched by India’s culture and people while immersing yourself into your daily practice. This retreat is hoped to be transformative for your mind and soul in many ways. This commitment you have made to yourself will leave your heart feeling full of memories that will last a life time.