A Reflection | Namaste Niagara and local Hamilton yoga studio, In Fine Feather Yoga

A reflection, as the season comes to an end with Namaste Niagara and local Hamilton yoga studio, In Fine Feather. 


A message from studio owner, Helena McKinney. 

Another incredible season of Yoga by the Falls comes to a close. First, we want to send a huge thank you to Niagara Parks for hosting the event of a lifetime and for inviting us back to Journey Behind the Falls this year. Not only were we honoured to participate again, we hosted 9 weekends and 18 classes right on the platform by the falls, connecting with people from all over the world to share this experience. If you had the chance to make it to a session over the summer, you know the feeling we are talking about- water rushing, heart beating, breath full and mesmerised by the view of this yoga class. This class changes you forever! Yoga on its own is transformational but combine the powerful force of Mother Nature and The Falls right in view, you can not help but surrender and be in awe at the same time. I have had the opportunity to host this class 3 times, each practice has been different, whether the sun is shining down or the water is rushing in. Each time I meet myself on that platform I feel brave, I feel oneness, I feel honoured, I feel powerful, I feel alive but I also feel humbled, serene and at peace with where I stand. It’s remarkable and I can not wait to be back on the platform next year. 

Instructor Michelle Smith, from In Fine Feather Yoga guided classes at The Falls and we wanted to share her sensation from the weekend. 

“The magic of Namaste Niagara is in the surrender to the elements and the pure connection created. Walking onto the platform and being so close to the power of the falls is breathtaking. One day can be sunny and warm and the next can be cold and rainy from the spray of the falls - there is a beauty in showing up to the unexpected and immersing yourself in the experience. My favourite part of the class is the seated savasana - where you can feel the flow of your breath link up with the sound of the waterfall, you can feel the sun, rain, wind on your skin and feel the interconnectedness of it all.” 


Nicole Catenazzi, one of our other Yoga instructors felt a similar passion for teaching this class. 

”Doing yoga behind Niagara Falls was one of the most exhilarating experiences. It's hard to find the words for what it's like to practice next to the powerful energy of the falls... the roaring sound of the current almost becomes part of you as you move and breathe on the platform. Sheets of mist soak you at just the right times to remind you not to take yourself too seriously. The sun pokes out from behind the clouds as if reflecting your own light back at you. Namaste Niagara offers a rare opportunity to feel at one with nature's wild beauty." 


Brunch with Niagara Parks Restaurants! 

Following the practice, we indulge in an incredibly satisfying brunch hosted at the Niagara Parks featured restaurants, Queenston Heights and Whirlpool Restaurant. We have the opportunity to meet our students and connect with them about their experience on the platform. We laugh at how remarkable the class is and how it is so much more than you can expect. We share our story about how In Fine Feather came to be apart of something so special and how grateful we are to be engaged with the yoga community outside of Hamilton. Is anything better than yoga and brunch? Yes! Yoga by The Falls and brunch that is sourced from locally harvested food. Namaste Niagara is the most unique event we have had the privilege to be apart of. We are currently planning some interesting winter events, without saying too much, we see snow shoeing, yoga, mulled wine and of course the delicious cuisine…so stay tuned. 

Thank you to everyone who makes this event possible and to Niagara Parks for partnering with the In Fine Feather Team on this, 

With Gratitude,