A Message From Helena. Beyond the Asana.

Beyond the Asana

1901366_365404566956985_1528904627825585777_nI walk into the studio and I know that it is only a part of my day to teach yoga.  A huge part of my life is the connection I have with each of my students beyond the classroom, beyond the mat and our interactions outside of the practice space. I honour the moments as your teacher, but I feel deeply honoured to know you as an individual. I truly feel a sense of oneness at In Fine Feather and a genuine care for the other. We explore the principles of compassion and care with our bodies through asana but once we start to allow our experiences on our mat to transcend into our lives, we begin to integrate the same mindfulness of the asana into our encounters with each other. We move with intention, we move with purpose, we embody something greater then a pose, but let the qualities of the pose radiate through and be absorbed. Truly a community I am blessed to be apart of, as a yoga practitioner and teacher I have grown immensely because of this yoga home and moving into the holiday season and a New Year, I can't wait to see what we create!

All my love always, Helena